MacReads Events

Book Discussion: During Orientation, on Monday, August 31 from 10:30 - 11:30, two faculty members will lead a discussion of the book.  Professors Ruthanne Kurth-Schai (Education) and Molly Olsen (Hispanic and Latin American Studies) will lead students through a discussion of the book and issues related to disparities in education.

Convocation:  James Foreman, Jr. will be speaking on Thursday, September 3, beginning at 11:30

James Foreman, Jr. will be the convocation speaker and connected to our MacReads selection and theme for the International Roundtable on disparities in education based on his work in creating an alternative school for school dropouts.  In 1997, he worked with David Domenici,to start the Maya Angelou Public Charter School.  Ten years later the school expanded and also agreed to run the expanded school within the D.C.'s juvenile prison. James Foreman, Jr. currently teaches on the faculty of Yale Law School.  His interests in addition to schools and prisons include race and class issues within prison institutions.