Need a secure way to collect on-line payments?  Try Macalester’s Marketplace uStore!

What is Marketplace uStore?

Marketplace uStore is a program that securely collects on-line credit card payments. uStores have already collected for a wide variety of campus activities including:  Family Fest Registration, Finals Care Packages, Student Group Activities, Professional Conferences and many others.  A site that illustrates some of the possibilities that can be created for your needs can be found HERE.  

Why use a Marketplace uStore?

  • Convenient- Save time by using a Marketplace uStore.
  • Liability- Take the liability of something going wrong off of yourself.  
  • Formal- You and your customers will like the structure of your uStore.
  • Secure/Compliant- Marketplace is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant!

What is the process of owning your own uStore?

Click on the steps below to navigate to pages with more specific information.

Click HERE to get more information on a uStore.