Writing Counselor

MAX Center, Kagin Commons

Alyssa is a part-time assistant writing counselor, new to Macalester College and the Max Center late fall semester 2018. She first began working as a writing tutor while an undergraduate at the University of St. Thomas, where she graduated in 2015 with a double major in English, and Communication & Journalism. After a couple of years working as a technical writer for the Minnesota Department of Human Services, she returned to St. Thomas in 2017 as an English graduate student, where she has continued work in the university’s writing center. Alyssa‘s current research spans the disciplines of rhetoric and composition, and cultural studies—including anti-racist writing center theory and pedagogy, and inquiry into the extent to which Gramscian discourse and other areas of the Marxist critical tradition can help us understand and work against the multifarious oppression of the black laboring subject in modern capitalism. Beyond the academy, Alyssa enjoys hot yoga, early morning coffee, reading, and developing her storytelling work to perform at local open mic nights.