What We Do:

The President’s Cabinet aims to provide a place within MCSG to address broader issues faced by our community and the roles of the elected officers who serve on the cabinet have been tailored to represent the core values of Macalester. They will work to ensure MCSG’s work is mindful of their issue areas and also bring their own initiatives and projects.

2021-22 MCSG President: Shreya  Nagdev ’22
2020-21 Community Engagement Officer: Ayana Smith-Kooiman ’22

The Community Engagement Officer will serve to connect the Macalester community with its neighborhood, consortium of colleges, and the broader community. In addition, the officer will work on fostering Macalester’s internal community, especially focusing on how the community interacts with MCSG.

2020-21 Sustainability Officer: Kashvi Ajitsaria ’22

The Sustainability Officer will work towards the College’s current sustainability commitments as outlined in the Sustainability Plan and working to broaden our understanding of sustainability past environmental sustainability. The officer will bring an eye of sustainability to MCSG projects and interject where plans can be improved to enhance sustainability.