The SSRC is in charge of MCSG’s communications and relationship with the student body. The SSRC is charged with the following:

  • Seek feedback from students on a variety of issues to better inform the priorities and decisions of the Legislative Body
  • Ensure that students’ needs and desires are being heard
  • Promptly and effectively communicate the actions and decisions of MCSG to the student body.
  • Oversee the Community Chest. The Community Chest is a pot of money that all students can access regardless of their affiliation with student orgs on campus. If you have any cool ideas for how student activity fee money should be spent, you can put in a request here and we’ll get back to you shortly.

If you have any questions or comments on anything related to MCSG don’t hesitate to e-mail us at

The Open Pantry program:

Location: Kagin Lower Level, Kitchen.

Times & Dates: Mon & Thurs: 9am-5pm.

Open Pantry is run by Student Services and Relations Committee, within Macalester’s Student Government, in order to address food insecurity at Macalester. Although not fulfilling all needs, we hope that these help students fulfill the disparity in obtaining some essentials throughout the school year.

Visit Open Pantry website. We’re excited to continuously serve our community!