Do you have an event in mind that you would like to see happen on campus? We have the money to fund it! Apply to the Community Chest today!

If you have an idea for how to use this portion of the student activity fee, submit a request here and the SSRC will review and vote on the request at their next meeting. 

Mission Statement

The Community Chest serves to provide an inclusive way for all students to facilitate community engagement and start events that students wish to see more of on campus. The Chest is a fund that any student can apply to if they would like to have an event they would like to put on to help build campus-wide community. All Community Chest events must be accessible to the entire campus. 

Currently the Chest operates under the Student Services and Relations Committee. The SSRC meets every Thursday during the activity period. Starting in the 2023-2024 Academic Year it will be operated out of the Cabinet.

Logistics and Request Norms

To ensure that your request is considered it must be submitted two weeks in advance of the event. If the request is not submitted in time, committee members will do their best to review the request but the weekly Thursday meeting is when requests are voted on.

If requests are over $1000 it is extremely important that they are submitted at least two weeks in advance. If you have questions feel free to reach out to [email protected]

If the event you are considering is department-specific or related, please reach out to the department first before applying for Community Chest funding.

Applications for Community Chest cannot be from orgs, athletics teams, or alumni – please fill out an additional allocation request form (found on Presence) instead. 

Process for submitting a request:

  • Fill out the form 
    • Be specific with individual line items (it is important to know what exactly is being requested)
  • SSRC will review and vote on the request and then be in touch with the decision and next steps
  • Be prepared to answer follow-up questions either by presenting at a meeting or being responsive over email
    • It is important to be reachable for following up
  • If the request is approved,  you will be expected to take photos of the event and/or submit a blurb about the event that we can post on the MCSG Instagram or share with students to encourage participation.

Past Community Chest Funded Events

Community Iftar at the Arabic House, April 2023

Peace Day, October 2022

Community Chest Bylaws

Article V. Section 6.6. Community Chest
  1. The Cabinet shall consider Community Chest requests throughout the semester. 
  2. The Cabinet shall be allowed to allocate $10,000 per academic year for Community Chest requests effective January 1, 2013. 
  3. The Cabinet shall notify the following of the amount of all Community Chest allocations.
    1. FAC Chair
    2. Cabinet Advisor
    3. Campus Center department coordinator.
  4.  After allocations are approved, the Campus Center department coordinator will work with requesters to provide access to funding.
  5. The Cabinet will bring Community Chest requests over $1,000 to the LB for approval. 
  6. Community Chest requests up to $1,000 may be approved by a simple majority vote of the Cabinet. 
  7. The Cabinet can recommend funding the full request, a partial amount of the request, or no amount. 
  8. Requestors may appeal Cabinet decisions to the full LB by contacting the MCSG President or Cabinet Chair at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of Cabinet decisions being presented to the LB.