Spring 2017

March 28

  1. Physics and Astronomy Club $980.00 for trip to Fermilabs
  2. Sustainability Officer $500.00 for Sustainability Summit
  3. Mac Dance Marathon $280.00 for decorations for dance marathon event

February 21

  1. FAC $300.00 for budgeting session meals
  2. $1,152.00 for JStreetU for registration fees
  3. $2,000.00 for MACSlams for registration fees

January 31

  1. Habitat for Humanity additional allocation of $2,400 for spring break trip
  2. Mac Weekly additional allocation of $1,408.42 for printing costs
  3. Hegemonocle additional allocation of $650 for printing costs

Fall 2016

December 6

  1. $750 additional allocation to Ballroom Dance for renting space & hiring instructor

November 15

  1. $200 additional allocation for Hmong New Year Celebration
  2. Approved Bill 0017 upon request from the Mac Weekly and WMCN.  The Bill amended  MCSG bylaws to fund The Mac Weekly and WMCN 91.7 for a two-year period:
    1. Now the Operating Fund will pay for The Mac Weekly’s and WMCN’s operating fees, and these amounts shall be amended every two years beginning with the 2019-2020 Yearly

November 1

  1. $975.00  to Asians and Pacific Islander Americans in Coalition (APIAC) for student narrative workshop
  2. $2,323.35 to repair the Emergency Alert System for WMCN