Spring 2014

January 28 Legislative Body meeting summary

  • Reviewed parliamentary procedure and Robert’s Rules of Order for new and returning members.
  • Discussed upcoming projects various committees plan to tackle. Examples of projects mentioned during the meeting include a review and revision of MCSG bylaws and academic inclusion and sensitivity issues.
  • Approved additional allocations requested by BLAC and BHM for events to be held in February.
  • Announced remaining schedule of Welcome Back Week events as well as several upcoming off-campus Program Board events.

Fall 2013

December 3 legislative body meeting summary

  • Reminded members of community guidelines for meeting and discussed reintegration of guidelines next semester.
  • Approved WMCN Capital request for $5565 for transmitter.
  • Approved amendment to bylaws regarding member guidelines and behavior expectations.
  • Received updates on various AAC projects including a new IGCSC rep, EPAG results, and updates on the Academic Advising Process Report.
  • Further discussed upcoming survey conducted by SSRC and results of the Cafe Mac task force SSRC members served on.

November 26 Legislative Body meeting summary

  • Introduced bill regarding member conduct and expectations.
  • Received update on reorganization of staff in response to resignation of Cindy Haarstad.
  • Reviewed FAC additional allocation approvals.
  • Listened to presentation given by SOC chair and Allison Greenlee on potential OrgSync replacements.
  • Discussed upcoming surveys conducted by AAC and SSRC

November 19 Legislative Body meeting summary

  • Reviewed last Thursday’s community forum on the probationary process and MCSG membership.
  • Received updates on various SOC projects and committees, including potential replacements for OrgSync.
  • Approved ChroMACtic’s charter.
  • Announced official recommendation made by EPAG to add an additional study day to the end of semester and extending Thanksgiving break to include the Wednesday before the holiday.

November 12 Legislative Body Meeting Summary 

  • Discussed Thursday’s community forum on the probationary process and MCSG membership.
  • Approved $760 for a Mac Pics/Art Alliance gallery show and reviewed other FAC submissions.
  • Approved Zabumba’s charter and reviewed one for “Duck Tape” (Name change TBA).
  • Reviewed potential replacements for OrgSync.

November 5 legislative Body Meeting summary

  • Discussed three stages of evaluation in tenure process with Acting Provost Kendrick Brown
  • Reviewed EPAG town hall on changes to academic calendar and received updates on an upcoming community forum on forced resignation of MCSG members
  • Approved additional allocation and outlined other allocations already approved by FAC
  • Introduced charter for new student org “Zabumba.” We will vote on charter as an LB next week.

October 29 Legislative Body meeting summary

  • Discussed potential forum on the relationship between MCSG and Macalester administration
  • Learned about money flow between various MCSG accounts through a presentation given by FAC Chair Ellen Washington
  • Heard updates from the SOC, SSRC, AAC, and PB concerning upcoming projects and events, including a town hall AAC members are putting together regarding changes to Macalester’s academic calendar.

October 15 Legislative Body meeting summary

  • Reviewed a series of additional allocations approved and denied by the FAC; voted on an additional allocation appeal from MENAA and an additional allocation for MJO

  • Received updates on Take Back MCSG events

  • Learned more about Donate-a-Meal and org spotlight program run by the SOC

  • Discussed changes to laptop and desktop computers around campus spearheaded by the AAC

October 8 Legislative Body meeting summary

  • Approved a series of budgets and additional allocation requests for student orgs ($1280 budget for PIPE; $2800 additional allocation and $660 additional allocation for Visceral; $530 additional allocation for Mac Model UN)

  • Reviewed EPAG discussion of the second language requirement, changes to international student study abroad eligibility, and possibility of adding of study days to academic calendar

  • Discussed feasibility of switching from OrgSync to different software for org budgeting and management with Macalester ITS staff

  • Approved $1000 Community Chest request for winter bike storage program

October 1 Legislative Body meeting summary

  • Reviewed meeting conduct and parliamentary procedure

  • Outlined Take Back MCSG Week and approved funding for events that will take place as part of week October 14-18

  • Approved a series of budgets and additional allocation requests for student orgs ($2640 budget for Europa; $1700 additional allocation for MASCECA for their Diwali/Eid dinner; $992 budget for MENAA; $650 additional allocation for MMAC for Russian martial arts class)

September 24 Legislative Body meeting summary

  • Approved appointment of new FAC members

  • Announced preliminary plans for “Take Back MCSG Week” and discussed modifications to events and activities planned

  • Approved student nominations to the Judiciary Committee

  • Approved additional allocation for SAAC’s Little Scots program

September 17 Legislative Body meeting summary

  • Welcomed five new first-year and two new second-year representatives to MCSG

  • Reviewed guidelines written by SOC members for orgs interested in hosting a Kagin 

  • Passed AAC Chair Merita Bushi’s bill regarding the Textbook Reserve Program

  • Announced forced resignation of FAC Chair Adinah Zilton and procedure for elections to fill vacancy on Executive Board

September 10 Legislative Body meeting summary

  • Approved three final campus committee recommendations  as a Legislative Body

  • Began discussion related to additional allocations vs. org block budgets

  • Introduced first bill of the semester written by AAC chair Merita Bushi that provides additional guidelines and structure for the Textbook Reserve Program

  • Approved a $5300 additional allocation request for QU-sponsored performance taking place in November

September 3 Legislative Body meeting summary

  • Introduced new committee chairs and members of the 2013-14 LB
  • Reviewed faculty and administrative resources available for student organizations and leaders
  • Reviewed goals for the semester in committee