Spring 2017

April 25, 2017

  1. Joint session with outgoing and incoming MCSG!

  2. Updates and summary of what each committee and the issue-based officers do

  3. Bill 0022 passed, giving club sports access to apply for Travel Grant funds

  4. 2017-2018 budget for student orgs approved

  5. Reflection on 2016-2017 year on MCSG

April 18, 2017

  1. Updates from Program Board: Springfest and Protest Bus (Saturday, April 22)
  2. Presentation of Bill 0022.R to give club sports access to Travel Grant funds
  3. Updates and reflections from the Sustainability Officer and Community Engagement Officer
  4. Student Services and Relations Committee Open Pantry Trial Run this Thursday (April 20)
  5. Presentation of Bill 0022.Y around increasing student input on work-study employment issues
  6. Financial Affairs Committee budget appeal from MULCH
  7. General updates on MCSG and campus committees for next year

April 11, 2017

  1. ITS update about changes for Fall 2017: WiFi, Google Drive, account passwords
  2. Springfest updates from Program Board
  3. SSRC Open Pantry trial run next Thursday
  4. Debrief on budget appeals and moving forward

April 4, 2017

  1. Updates
    1. Program Board events
    2. Academic Affairs Committee met about Educator of the Year awards
    3. Community Engagement Officer yearlong project: Imprints
  2. Bill 0021: A Bill to Extend the FAC’s Funding Latitude passed
  3. Budget appeals from Fresh Concepts, Mac Yarn, Bodacious, Chinese Culture Club, Europa, and Queer Union

March 28

  1. Presentation of rebranding plans by David Warch (Communications)
  2. Financial Affairs Committee additional allocations
    • Physics and Astronomy Club $980.00 for trip to Fermilabs
    • Sustainability Officer $500.00 for Sustainability Summit
    • Mac Dance Marathon $280.00 for decorations for dance marathon event
  3. Presentation of all org budgets for the 2017-2018 year
  4. PB updates on 2017-2018 budget and new Coordinator position
  5. Discussion of potential changes to campus committees
  6. Presentation of Bill 0021: A Bill to Extend the FAC’s Funding Latitude

March 21

  1. Budget presentations from student orgs: Mac Christian Fellowship, MacSlams, Sitting @ Mac, Black History Month, Rising Minds at Mac, Mac Activists for Reproductive Justice, Outing Club, Mac First Aid, Adelante, MCSG, and Chinese Culture Club
  2. Quasi-committees on elections and Reimagining the LB

March 7

  1. Presentation on the College’s budget by David Wheaton
  2. Mac Cricket Club and Mac Moral Sciences Club chartered as student orgs
  3. Org budgets due Friday, March 10 at 4:30 PM
  4. Test optional resolution (R0002) passed by MCSG to go to President Rosenberg to consider and decide on by the end of the semester

February 28

  1. Presentation of two new org charters: Mac Moral Sciences Club and Mac Cricket Club
  2. Announcement of Judicial Council: Ari Hymoff ’17, Rachel Tan ’17, Saakshi Daswani ’18, Caroline Duncombe ‘18
  3. Presentation of test optional resolution (R0002)
  4. Discussion of B0020: A Bill to Consolidate and Improve MCSG’s Outreach
  5. Updates on SSRC Student Survey results

February 21

  1. Update on MCSG solidarity statements, Action Plan and PB’s Protest Bus
  2. FAC additional allocations
    • $300.00 for FAC budgeting sessions
    • $1,152 for JStreetU registration
    • $2,000.00 for MACSlams registration
  3. Passed Resolution 0001 by Fossil Free Mac calling for divestment from fossil fuels
  4. Updates on Book Bank
  5. Discussion of MCSG’s role on campus

February 14

  1. Fossil Free Mac introduced resolution: moratorium on private oil and gas partnerships
  2. Discussion of Protest Bus as related to MCSG and PB
  3. Update on test optional: working on proposal to submit to President Rosenberg
  4. Academic Affairs Committee Updates
    • Alumni Fair Thursday
    • Theatre and Dance building to be reconstructed
    • Changes for second floor of library and entrepreneurship space
  5. Discussion of potential bill
    • Discussion of language as reflects intention and interpretation
    • Relation of MCSG’s constitution and bylaws to PB’s bylaws

February 7

  1. Discussion of structure of LB Meetings and potential for change
  2. Discussion of Protest Bus and support structures for students on campus
  3. Announcement of Lecture Coordinations Board spring speaker: Nikki Giovanni
  4. Update on change in student work-study documentation

January 31

  1. Program Board updates
    • Consolidation of positions: Off-Campus and Cinema now Off-Campus & Entertainment
    • Discussion of Protest Bus
  2. FAC additional allocations
    • Habitat for Humanity additional allocation of $2,400 for spring break trip
    • Mac Weekly additional allocation of $1,408.42 for printing costs
    • Hegemonocle additional allocation of $650 for printing costs
  3. New LB Liaison: Omi Strait
  4. Quasi-Committee of the Whole discussion
    • Activism
    • Role of class reps

January 24

  1. Updates from Peace Madimutsa ’17 (Student Liaison to the Board of Trustees) on goals for the semester, including collaboration with MCSG
  2. Committee updates and semester goals
    • AAC Alumni Fair
    • SOC org auditing
    • SSRC student survey
    • FAC budgeting
  3. Update on test-optional
  4. Discussion of recent changes to Bon Appetit

Fall 2016

December 29

  1. Q&A with President Rosenberg
    1. Check out full transcript in LB minutes and in the notes on FB MCSG page
  2. Q&A with Suzanne Hansen, Sustainability Manager
    1. Full transctipt and summary
  3. Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)
    • Passed B0018- Student Educator of the Year
    • Passed B0019- Book Bank Program—check out bookshelves in front of MCSG office, upstairs CC
  4. Sustainability Offier Updates
    • Collin Dobie ’19 is working on multiple issues, including Zero Waste, sustainability at Cafe Mac, prining for classes and other.
  5. Diversity Officer
    • Chris Mendoza ’17 is working to develope undergrad journal for underrepresented scholars and scholarships 

november 22

  1. Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)
    • New books selected for Textbook Reserve. Updated list is coming up soon. Check out the list of current books here
  2. Student Learning Committee—Noah Nieting ’17
    • Committee found in 2009 by President Resenberg
    • Made of faculty, staff, alumni, and two student representatives
    • Functoins as advisory committee on student learning—deals with issues such as accreditation, higher learning commission
    • Macalester got reaccredited in the past year 
    • Committee re-evaluates college’s engagement and performance in relation to institutional academic goals 
    • Although the committee is focused on faculty, student representatives feel welcome to participate and engage. 
    • Academic Affairs Committee will follow up with Noah Nieting ’17 and Nora Wu ’17

November 15

  1. Student Organizations Committee (SOC)
    • Ping Pong at Mac now chartered as a student organization.
    • $4000 from the Community Chest are allocated to bring in a speaker, Shaun King.
  2. Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)
    • Proposed Bill 0018 to recognize students for their contributions as precentors, tutors and lab instructors.  
  3. Financial Affair Committee (FAC)
    • $200 additional allocation for Hmong New Year Celebration
    • Approved Bill 0017 upon request from the Mac Weekly and WMCN.  The Bill amended  MCSG bylaws to fund The Mac Weekly and WMCN 91.7 for a two-year period:
      • Now the Operating Fund will pay for The Mac Weekly’s and WMCN’s operating fees, and these amounts shall be amended every two years beginning with the 2019-2020 Yearly.
  4. Union Park District Representative—Gordy Moore ’17
    • Gordy Moore ‘16 gave updates on his work on the committee
      • Since Mac is Mac-Groveland Council, not Union Park, most of the issues are not directly affecting Macalester community. Moore ‘16 said he would communicate to students any relevant discussions that take place. Feel free to reach out to him if you have specific questions.


Student Organizations Committee (SOC)

  1. Macalester Dance Marathon gets chartered.
  2. Fossil Free Mac gets chartered.
  3. Ping Pong Mac seeks to become an org. 

Educational Policy and Governance (EPEG)

Student representatives, Saakshi Daswani ‘18 and Remy Eisendrath ’17 presented updates on their work with the committee.

  • Overall, EPAG deals with academic-related questions
  • The committee takes daily faculty-related issues as well as long-term goals
  • Some of the regular issues include department reviews, concentration changes, changing course descriptions and names
  • Most recently, neuroscience and environmental studies departments have undergone departmental reviews
  • The committee also discusses the issues of absences among student athletes and faculty voting rights
  • A major long-term goal for this year is CDP (Curricular Development Plan) which addresses Macalester’s academic goals

November 1

  1. Financial Affair Committee (FAC)
    • Additional allocation of $975.00 Asians and Pacific Islander Americans in Coalition (APIAC).
    • Additional allocation $2,323.35 to repair the Emergency Alert System for WMCN.
  2. Program Board (PB)
    • Ice skating rink is rented this Saturday, Nov. 5. Busses provided from campus. Purchase a ticket at the info desk. Bring your own skate, or rent at the rink. 
    • Winter ball will take place at the Minneapolis Event Center. Student can purchase tickets for $5 at the info desk. 
  3. Guest from the Annual Fund
    • Adan Martinez ’16  spoke about Give to Macalester Day on Nov. 15. Students will be able to write thank you letters to Mac donors, make their own donations. Get ready to follow the campaign on social media! Learn more about the Annual Fund here. (they are located above the Highlander bookstore).
  4. Student Organizations Committee (SOC)
    • Fossil Free Mac(FFM) wants to get officially chartered as a student org. FFM focuses on climate justice and a divestment campaign at Mac.
    • Macalester Dance Marathon also seeks to get chartered. “Dance Marathon wants to teach students the value of philanthropy by working throughout the school year to raise money and awareness for children battling cancer at the Gillette Children’s Hospital in Saint Paul. The org wants to organize a huge celebration–dance marathon to celebrate the cause by staying on feet for 8 hours!”
  5. Resource and Planning Committee (RPC)
    • Julia Makayova ‘18 and Samantha Manz ‘19 talked about their work with the committee this semester. Major updates: 
      • This year the committee reviewed all the past reports (e.g. reports about student body size, non-tenured track faculty and others).
      • The committee is going to interview faculty, staff and President Rosenberg to get feedback about the impact of the committee to ensure that it serves the community best.
      • Julia and Samantha were encouraged by the MCSG members to suggest to RPC to make recommendations for Mac’s divestment campaign.


  1. Bon Appetit now offers catering for student orgs at lowered prices. No surcharge if picked up at the Grill.

  2. Intramurals have not started yet this semester. MCSG is working with the Athletics and other department to figure out the issue.

  3. Lecture Coordination Board Fall Speaker announced–Derreck Kayongo. Derreck Kayongo is the current CEO of the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and the founder of the Global Soap Project. He works in the areas of public health and environmental sustainability. The event scheduled on Thursday, the 3rd of November from 7-9:30 pm in the Kagin Ballroom.

  4. New student representatives on Campus Committees 
    • Zachary Skluzacek and Madrigal von Muchow for Student Employment Advisory Committee 
    • Sa In (Shine) Chin for the Library and Media Services Advisory Committee 
  5. Board of Trustees Updates:

      1. Planned renovations

        • Kirk and Dupre– during winter break,

        • GDD–next summer

        • Theater building’s renovation will have started by 2019

      2. Issues that MCSG reps brought up for the Board of Trustees:

        • Student Space (asked to consider more space for students and more student input in the decision-making)

        • Test Optional admissions

        • Divestment

        • All student reps for the Board will meet on Friday, Oct. 14 to continue developing strategy for MCSG/Board of Trustees engagement
  6. AAC Update

  • Coffee & Donuts Event on Saturday, Oct. 15th at 11 am.
  • Macalester starts the Capital fundraising campaign which will focus on Access & Excellence (increase financial aid, endowed professorship, etc.)
  • Dare 2 Dream is now officially chartered. D2D advocates for the educational access rights of undocumented students. Contact Crisol Clemente for more information: [email protected]
  • Mac G.O.P submitted a charter for MCSG approval. Mac G.O.P  intends to represent and promote student involvement and awareness of Republican platforms and candidates. Macalester G.O.P. seeks to promote student awareness and participation in upholding, examining and questioning the value of our political society.
  • IGC Dean search continues. Now narrowed down to three candidates.

7.  FAC UpdateApproved budget for Europa $400.00.

  • Ballroom Dance $350.00 for weekly meeting space rental.

8.  SSRC Update

  • Discussing the importance of respectful dialogue across diverse opinions on campus.

9.  PB Updates

  • Bonfire on the Shaw Field this Saturday

October 4

Office Updates

  1. Students encouraged to apply for open positions on Student Committees

SOC Updates

  1. Dare to Dream (D2D) submitted a Charter. D2D advocates for the educational access rights of undocumented students at Mac and beyond

FAC Updates

  1. MASECA $2012.00 budget approved 27-0.

AAC Updates

  1. Coffee & Donuts planned for October 15th
  2. Working to expand textbook reserve program
  3. Laying groundwork for Alumni Fair
  4. Thinking about Electronic Course Evaluation

SSRC Updates

  1. Working to explain subsidized bus passes (currently available at the info desk for purchase and at CEC for volunteers)

September 28

Approved minor amendments to the Omnibus bill

Student Organizations Committee (SOC) Updates

  1. Currently there are 116 student orgs. If the number of the orgs growth, MCSG will face budgeting constraints–further campus discussions with students and orgs will take place

Approved an additional allocation request for WMCN for $4817.14
Approved two additional allocations for the Outing Club for $1600.00 and $1310.00

Program Board (PB) Updates

  1. PB is now on snapchat macalester.pb

Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) Updates

  1. Summary from the space report meeting

Student Services and Relations Committee (SSRC) Updates

  1. Discussed athlete/non-athlete relationship at Mac–hoping for student feedback

Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) Updates

  1. Emphasize commitment to cost-consciousness in budgeting decision-making

OrgSync training

  1. Emphasize the importance of checkbooks for student orgs
  2. Org leaders encourage to email FAC with any questions regarding budgeting process