MULCH Chickens

MULCH chickens

The MULCH Garden has backyard chickens! The purpose of keeping chickens on campus is to provide an ongoing hands-on educational project for students, faculty, staff, and community members. Through this project, participants and visitors will learn about how to care for chickens as part of a more sustainable urban landscape and foodshed.

The planning process for this project began in the Fall of 2010 and continued throughout the following winter and spring. In March of 2011, students began working with a group of Amish furniture makers from Harmony, Minnesota to design the coop. The coop was constructed in early April behind the Spanish house, next to the MULCH garden. The chickens were purchased as soon as the coop was finished, on April 10th. There are now four chickens happily inhabiting their new home – a Arucana, a Speckled Sussex, a Black Sex-Link, and a Black Australorpe. The chickens will be cared for by members of MULCH, and eggs will be distributed among the caretakers. If you would like to get involved with chicken care, please email

See a video and news story about the chickens


Egg/plant Urban Farm Supply

Anoka Ramsey Lawn and Hardware, (763)421-0223

Committee for the Long-term Undertaking of Chicken Keeping (CLUCK) - The CLUCK committee of faculty and staff support the MULCH students:  Christie Manning, Tom Welna, Lee Olson, Mike Hall, Ruth Janisch Lake, Mark Dickinson, Suzanne Savanick Hansen


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