Cultural House

The Cultural House

Located at 37 Macalester Street, this is a safe space for students of color and indigenous students who are interested in learning from and contributing to a multicultural environment. The C-House strives to be a symbol of connection for people of color and indigenous people at Macalester. Although the C-House is organized around the dismantling of racism, there is careful attention paid to the intersection of multiple identities, including gender, class, sexual orientation, national origin, age, ability, and religion. Programming and many cultural organizations who utilize the C-House are structured in a diasporic manner that recognizes that race may have variant meanings in an international context.

The Cultural House Signature Programs

Cultural House Block Party

The C-House Block Party serves as a kick-off to the programmatic year for the Cultural House. It is an annual event that formally welcomes the Macalester community. Food, fun, and water games celebrate the new academic year.

In the Kitchen With…

“In the Kitchen With…” is a weekly program that brings students, staff and faculty together over food and conversation to build community and foster meaningful relationships..

Poetry Slam

This annual tradition is a spoken word competition where students perform and the audience is the judge! The Poetry Slam is a time for the Macalester community to celebrate and reflect on the significance of oral traditions in communities of color and as means for political action in all communities.

For more information and questions about the Cultural House, contact Pa Dao Yang –