Emerging Scholars

The Emerging Scholars Program (ESP), was created in collaboration with the MAX Center, is designed to increase the number of historically under-represented students at Macalester who are selected to participate in and receive opportunities for study abroad/away, internships, fellowships, and scholarships, and to increase their application and admittance to graduate and professional schools. The primary goal of ESP is to assist students during their transition to college as they are entrenched in the important intellectual project of becoming a scholar.

ESP participants are afforded a unique opportunity to study and fellowship with fellow first-years with similar interest and experiences. ESP students participate in small group discussions and co-curricular activities throughout the year. Each month, students are expected to attend a colloquium that explores in more detail the four components of the program: the intellectual project, social adjustment, identity development, and future opportunities. To enhance the colloquia, faculty and staff who are committed to student success facilitate discussion and expand the support network available to ESP students.

Macalester’s academic tradition as a preeminent liberal arts college emphasizes critical thinking across the curriculum. Through the lens of multiculturalism, a core value of the College, Emerging Scholars will also gain a greater understanding of this value and its intersections with the other core values of the College: academic excellence, internationalism, and service to society.

For more information about ESP, please contact Sedric McClure at mcclure@macalester.edu

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