The goal of the GSRC Mentor Program is to foster a space for community, discussion, and learning for LGBTQIA+ or questioning students. A cohort of students will be paired with a current sophomore, junior, or senior who will serve as a facilitator and mentor. Cohort gatherings will provide mentees a space to question, further understand, label, de-label, connect, or advocate around issues of gender and sexuality. Discussions are likely to center around: transitioning to Macalester (for cohorts with first-year or transfer students), Mac resources for queer and trans folks, LGBTQIA+ communities/student groups on campus, LGBTQIA+ events/programs or off-campus resources/community, privilege and social justice activism. 

To apply to be part of the GSRC Mentor Program please fill out the GSRC Mentor/Mentee Application Form. 

Who can be a mentee?

Macalester students of all class years are encouraged to become a mentee if they identify as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community (including students who are questioning or unsure if they are LGBTQIA+!)  and connect with any of the following:

  • I am confused or uncertain about my identity/identities
  • I want to talk to about my LGBTQIA+ identity/identities or experiences
  • I want to help me become more involved in the LGBTQIA+ communities on campus
  • I want to connect to resources on campus
  • I want advice on how to meet people or date as an LGBTQIA+ person
  • I want to learn more about issues of identity, social justice, and activism

Who can be a mentor?

Any Mac sophomore, junior, or senior who identifies as a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, want to be a support for another LGBTQIA+ students and is able to meet with their peers regularly throughout the year. 

When are applications due? 

Applications for mentors, and mentees, are open throughout the year. The first round application deadline is Friday, Sept 6, 2019. Applications received after the first round deadline will be paired as soon as possible.We encourage you to sign-up at anytime throughout the year as we recognize the fluidity in our identities and recognize that people question identity at various points in their lives. 

If you have any questions, email Tegra Myanna (they, them, theirs) at