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Mission Statement

Created in 2003, the mission of the Allies Project at Macalester College is to form a group of staff, students, and faculty who are committed to creating safer and supportive environments and communities for all people regardless of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, class, age, or ability. Macalester’s community members have multifaceted personal identities, and on an individual and group level these multiple identities can be celebrated or denied, affirmed or oppressed, and be the source of strength, pride, and/or struggle. Allies of the Allies Project provide support and resources to individuals and/or groups who are exploring their own feelings and/or are struggling with issues related to their multiple identities.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Allies Project is to allow students, staff, and faculty to easily identify supportive spaces and people on campus, feel comfortable and safer in a confidential environment, express any issues and concerns in an atmosphere of acceptance and support, and access information and educational resources. The Allies Project symbol is a message to all Macalester community members that oppressive comments and actions will not be accepted or tolerated and will be addressed in an educational and informative manner.

Allie’s Trainings Spring 2018

The Spring Allies Project at Macalester College consists of staff, faculty, and students who are committed to becoming change makers in creating a safe(r) environment and community for all people regardless of sexuality, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, class, age, or ability.

The Lealtad-Suzuki Center is excited to share our Ally Trainings for the Spring 2018 Semester.

There are several training options and dates that you can choose from to participate.

Foundational  vs. Developmental: Both are open to all campus community members.

  • Foundational: Interactive training for new and emerging allies and social justice content that is more broad!
  • Developmental: A more focused topical training that speaks to certain social justice issues which complements the foundational training. ​

Foundational Trainings

Foundational trainings are for new and emerging allies in the work of social justice. Led by our Allies facilitators, this highly interactive training enables participants to connect personal experiences and social identities to better understand (in)abilities to act in resisting all forms of oppression. As each of the 3 Foundational Trainings below are the same, please only RSVP for the one you are able to attend.

Friday, February 16th from 11AM-1PM – CLICK HERE to RSVP

Wednesday, March 21st from 2PM-4PM CLICK HERE to RSVP

Monday, April 2nd from 1PM-3PM CLICK HERE to RSVP

Developmental Trainings:
Colin Kaepernick, Black Resistance & the Super Bowl in Minnesota
Wednesday, January 31st from 1PM-2:30PM CLICK HERE to RSVP

Queer and Trans @ Mac
Thursday, March 22nd from 2PM-3:30PM CLICK HERE to RSVP

Intercultural Skill Building
Wednesday, April 11th from 12PM-1:30 PM CLICK HERE to RSVP

Request a Training:
Please complete this form for your student group, department, or classrooms at Macalester College. Note: Completing this form does not guarantee confirmation that someone will be able to deliver a training for the semester you are requesting.

To request a training, please CLICK HERE

Allies Project Training

To become an Allies Project Ally, you must attend one New Allies training workshop. Registration is required and will be open two weeks prior to the training. For more information, e-mail Jason Jackson.

Once you have completed your New Allies Training, please join us for our new Allies Skills Development Training. With the rise in harassment and violence impacting communities, many of us are eager and hesitant to step up our allyship. This training is intended to provide Allies Project participants with hands-on experiences using real-life scenarios and videos, while preparing you with tools needed to respond effectively.

For more information, contact Jason Jackson.