Groups and Organizations

Bisexual Organizing Project (BOP) - a non-profit social & service organization dedicated to serving the needs of the Twin Cities bisexual community and providing resources and information to the community at large.                  

City of Lakes Crossgendered Community (CLCC) - a transgender support and social organization.  Contact information:  (651) 229-3613.       

Dignity (website) - Group for Gay & Lesbian Catholics.  Contact information: (612) 721-6341.

Minnesota Campus Alliance (MCA) - Minnesota colleges working together for LGBT students.  Contact information:

Minnesota Lavender Bar Association (MLBA) - Group for GLBT legal professionals and law students.  Contact information:  - 800.800.0350, ext. 530 - 612.822.0127, ext. 530.

OutFront Minnesota (website) - GLBT Civil Rights Organization Anti-Violence Crisis Support Line: (800) 800-0350 - option 3 - (612) 822-0127.                   

PFund (website) - GLBT community foundation that offers grants and academic scholarships. Contact information: (612) 870-1806  -  (800) 435-1402.

Shades of Yellow (SOY) - Advocacy organization providing support, education, cultural awareness, and social gatherings for Hmong GLBT, families, allies and the Hmong community in the Twin Cities. Contact information: (651) 300 2373.

Stonewall DFL Caucus (website) - Group for involved GLBT Democrats.

TMen (website) - Group for all people assigned female at birth who no longer feel that is complete or accurate.

Pride Institute (website) – LGBT Mental Health & Chemical Dependency Care Provide the LGBT community a comfortable, safe alternative to traditional treatment programs.  Contact information:  (800) 547-7433.  

Ramsey County Dept. of Public Health (website) - HIV/STD testing and support service.  Contact information:  (651) 266-1255.

RECLAIM (website) - works to increase access to mental health support so that queer and trans youth may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms.  Contact information:  3217 Hennepin Avenue S. Suite 2 Minneapolis, MN 55408 - (612) 235-6743.

West Side Community Health Services (website) - Sexual health for Latino gay/bi men.  Contact information:  (651) 602-7570.

Gender Education Center (website) - Dedicated to support, advocacy, and education for differently gendered people.



Bryant Lake Bowl (website) - A bowling alley/restaurant/theater that hosts LGBTQ- themed performances and events.

The Exchange (website) - South Minneapolis trans/queer community center. Hosts a Shot Clinic, trans support group, and various events. Contact information:  .

Patrick's Cabaret (website) - Performance-art/performance space of GLBT interest.  Contact information: (612) 721-3595.

Quatrefoil Library (website) - GLBT community library and archive.  Contact information: (651) 641-0969.                  

Physical/Mental Health

Center for Sexual Health (website) - University of Minnesota Counseling services on sexuality and gender identity, including gender reassignment.  Contact information:  (612) 625-1500.  

CLEAR (website) - Minneapolis One-on-one counseling sessions for gay/bi/questioning men ages 18-24 struggling with substance use or wondering if it is an issue in their lives.  Contact information:  612-373-AIDS (metro)  -  800-248-AIDS(Toll Free)

Crisis Connection (website) - 24-hour crisis counseling for the metropolitan area.  Contact information:  (612) 379-6363  -  (866) 379-6363  -  Men's Line (612) 379-6367 / toll free (866) 379-6367

Family Tree Clinic (website) - Saint Paul clinic providing birth control and sexual health services; with walking distance of campus.  Contact information:  (651) 645-0478.

HIM Program of the Red Door Clinic (website) - Sexual health program for gay and bisexual men. Offers individual counseling, discussion groups, Rapid HIV & Syphilis testing.  Contact information:  (612) 348-9100.

LGBT Mental Health Provider’s Network (website) - List of LGBT identified mental health providers.

Minnesota AIDS Project (MAP) - Statewide HIV/AIDS prevention and education. Minnesota AIDSLine and AIDSWalk. Contact information:  (612) 373-AIDS AIDSLine  -  (612) 341-2060  -  (612) 373-2465 TTY metro

Whole Woman’s Health of The Twin Cities (website) - Whole Woman’s Health of The Twin Cities is a patient-centered women’s healthcare practice, carrying on the work of Midwest Health Center for Women and Meadowbrook Women’s Clinic via one location in Minneapolis.  Contact information:  (612) 376-7708.

Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition (website) - Focusing upon Trans health issues in the local community.  Contact information:  612-823-1152.

Northland Therapy Center (website) - Saint Paul Counseling agency with GLBT specialization.  Contact information:  fax- (651) 641-1009

Planned Parenthood Highland Park (website) - The Highland Park Planned Parenthood clinic, is an easy bus ride from campus, and provides safe and affordable abortion, family planning, and sexual health services.  Contact information:  (651) 698- 2406  -  671 Vandalia St., Saint Paul, MN, 55114.

PrideAlive (website) - Young gay and bi men's initiative at Minnesota AIDS Project.  Contact information:  (612) 373-2474.

Rainbow Health Initiative (website) - Works to improve the health of GLBT Minnesotans through education, clinical practice, and research. Contact information:  (612) 206-3180.

Rape and Sexual Abuse Center (website) - Offering counseling and support groups including GLBT specific; offers sliding fee.  Contact information:  (612) 374-3125.

Red Door Clinic (website) - Minneapolis STD & HIV testing and sexual health service.  Contact information:  (612) 543-5555 (HIV Testing)  -  (612) 260 7843 (main)  -  (612) 260 7805 (TTY)  -  (612) 596 7900 (fax)

Sexual Violence Center (website) - Crisis counseling about sexual assault; LGBT sensitive.  Contact information:  Crisis Line- (612) 871-5111  -  (952) 448-5423  -  Business Line- (612) 871-5100