Coordinated by the Department of Multicultural Life, MOSIAC (Mentoring Opportunities For Students Across Identity and Culture) provides peer mentorship for first-year students who identify as students of color, indigenous students, LBGTQIA, and first-generation to college students.  The goal of DML’s peer mentorship model is to connect first years with returning peers who share similar identities and shared experiences.  Through DML programming, first-year participants will engage in identity exploration, develop multiple pathways to holistic student success, build interpersonal relationships through community building activities, and work toward maintaining a socially just learning environment for everyone.  As a MOSAIC participant, you will participate in monthly dialogues and workshops designed to help you gain access to campus recourses consistent with your learning needs and sense of belonging.

Apply for MOSAIC 2021-2022 Mentoring Program through your Student Portal under the “Leadership Pre-Orientation Program” application. Login with your Macalester Email and Password.

Eligibility: Incoming First Year Students who identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx; First Generation; and/or LGBTQIA+.

Selection will occur after August 6, 2021 and First Year students will be notified via their Macalester email if they have been selected to be a Mentee for the MOSAIC Program.

Mentors are Student Staff hired through the Department of Multicultural Life (DML). Mentees who are selected to be a part of MOSAIC will be paired with a Mentor through the DML.


For more information about MOSAIC, please contact Pa Dao Yang at pyang1@macalester.edu.