Groups and Organizations

Bisexual Organizing Project (BOP) – a non-profit social & service organization dedicated to serving the needs of the Twin Cities bisexual community and providing resources and information to the community at large.

City of Lakes Crossgendered Community (CLCC) – a transgender support and social organization.  Contact information:  (651) 229-3613 (Current site is down, but Chrome has a saved copy from March 2.)

Dignity (website) – Group for Gay & Lesbian Catholics.  Contact information: (612) 721-6341.

The Exchange (website) – South Minneapolis trans/queer community center. Hosts a Shot Clinic, trans support group, and various events. Contact information:  .

Minnesota Campus Alliance (MCA) – Minnesota colleges working together for LGBT students.  Contact information:

Minnesota Lavender Bar Association (MLBA) – Group for GLBT legal professionals and law students.  Contact information:  – 800.800.0350, ext. 530 – 612.822.0127, ext. 530.

OutFront Minnesota (website) – GLBT Civil Rights Organization Anti-Violence Crisis Support Line: (800) 800-0350 – option 3 – (612) 822-0127.

PFund (website) – GLBT community foundation that offers grants and academic scholarships. Contact information: (612) 870-1806  –  (800) 435-1402.

Stonewall DFL Caucus (website) – Group for involved GLBT Democrats.

TMen (website) – Group for all people assigned female at birth who no longer feel that is complete or accurate.

Pride Institute (website) – LGBT Mental Health & Chemical Dependency Care Provide the LGBT community a comfortable, safe alternative to traditional treatment programs.  Contact information:  (800) 547-7433.

Ramsey County Dept. of Public Health (website) – HIV/STD testing and support service.  Contact information:  (651) 266-1255.

RECLAIM (website) – works to increase access to mental health support so that queer and trans youth may reclaim their lives from oppression in all its forms.  Contact information:  771 Raymond Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota 55114 – (612) 235-6743.

West Side Community Health Services (website) – Sexual health for Latino gay/bi men.  Contact information:  (651) 602-7570.

Gender Education Center (website) – Dedicated to support, advocacy, and education for differently gendered people.


Bryant Lake Bowl (website) – A bowling alley/restaurant/theater that hosts LGBTQ- themed performances and events.

Quatrefoil Library (website) – GLBT community library and archive.  Contact information: (651) 641-0969.

Physical/Mental Health

Center for Sexual Health (website) – University of Minnesota Counseling services on sexuality and gender identity, including gender reassignment.  Contact information:  (612) 625-1500.

Chemical Health (website) – Minneapolis One-on-one counseling sessions for gay/bi/questioning men ages 18-24 struggling with substance use or wondering if it is an issue in their lives.  Contact information:  612-373-2437 (Metro)  –  800-248-2437 (Toll Free)

Crisis Connection (website) – 24-hour crisis counseling for the metropolitan area.  Contact information:  (612) 379-6363  –  (866) 379-6363  –  Men’s Line (612) 379-6367 / toll free (866) 379-6367

Just US Health (website) – A healthy sex life includes knowing the basics about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Contact information: (800) 248-2437.

Family Tree Clinic (website) – Saint Paul clinic providing birth control and sexual health services; with walking distance of campus.  Contact information:  (651) 645-0478.

LGBT Mental Health Provider’s Network (website) – List of LGBT identified mental health providers.

LGBTQA Housing Discrimination (website) – Members of the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) community often have trouble finding the right rental unit. Even with the federal Fair Housing Act in place, LGBTQ individuals still experience housing discrimination.

Minnesota AIDS Project – Statewide HIV/AIDS prevention and education. Minnesota AIDSLine and AIDSWalk. Contact information:  (612) 373-AIDS AIDSLine  –  (612) 341-2060  –  (612) 373-2465 TTY metro

Whole Woman’s Health of The Twin Cities (website) – Whole Woman’s Health of The Twin Cities is a patient-centered women’s healthcare practice, carrying on the work of Midwest Health Center for Women and Meadowbrook Women’s Clinic via one location in Minneapolis.  Contact information:  (612) 376-7708.

Minnesota Transgender Health Coalition (website) – Focusing upon Trans health issues in the local community.  Contact information:  612-823-1152.

Northland Therapy Center (website) – Saint Paul Counseling agency with GLBT specialization.  Contact information:  fax- (651) 641-1009

Planned Parenthood Vandalia (website) – The Vandalia Street Planned Parenthood clinic, is an easy bus ride from campus, and provides safe and affordable abortion, family planning, and sexual health services.  Contact information:  (651) 698- 2406  –  671 Vandalia St., Saint Paul, MN, 55114.

Twin Cities Men’s Center(website) – The Men’s Center provides resources for men seeking to grow in body, mind, and spirit, and from that foundation advocates for healthier family and community relationships: (612) 822-5892.

Red Door Clinic (website) – Minneapolis STD & HIV testing and sexual health service.  Contact information:  (612) 543-5555 (HIV Testing)  –  (612) 260 7843 (main)  –  (612) 260 7805 (TTY)  –  (612) 596 7900 (fax)

Sexual Violence Center (website) – Crisis counseling about sexual assault; LGBT sensitive.  Contact information:  Crisis Line- (612) 871-5111  –  (952) 448-5423  –  Business Line– (612) 871-5100