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What is MacMUN?

Macalester Model United Nations is a student-run organization, created in order to learn about the political, economic, and cultural interests of countries other than our own. Each year we seek to broaden our horizons by representing (and attempting to embody) the political modus operandi of another nation.

A Model UN conference, while not a real UN meeting, is still by all means a real experience in diplomacy. Working with other delegates who represent nations with different views is part of the rewarding, and often difficult process of understanding the nation we represent. By immersing ourselves in this environment of multilateral diplomacy (both real and pretend), we seek to participate in a dialogue about the evolving role of the United Nations and the relevance of such an institution in a globalized world.

We don't necessarily subscribe whole-heartedly to all decisions of the UN (we have a variety of views within the organization), but we use existing frameworks, organizations and initiatives within the countries we research as ways to evaluate the role of the UN from various perspectives, locally, nationally and globally.

On the lighter side of things, maintaining our shrine to Kofi Annan and name-dropping as often as possible are other very important facets of the work we do.

MacMUN's Conferences

You've probably gathered a bit of information about MUN as a club at Mac, but what about the things we do during the year? Here's a quick reference for the conference we currently attend.

Check back soon; we may be adding a Fall conference to the MUN@Mac agenda!

National Model United Nations

Fast Facts

  • Should be called International MUN, because the conference attracts thousands of students (4,051 last year!) from all over the world
  • Takes place in New York City at a hotel right on Times Square.
  • Parts of the conference take place at UN Headquarters
  • Potential to see Mac Alum Kofi and UN head honchos (past and present).
  • MUN takes one delegation of approximately 12 students each year.
  • You can check out their official site right here.

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