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MacMUN Board Members

Anja Crowder
Secretary General

Anja is a sophomore double majoring in International Studies and Political Science with a concentration in Human Rights. Combining these interests with her love of travel and learning about new cultures, Model UN is the perfect activity for her! Ever since high school she was itching to do Model UN and finally got the opportunity through MacMUN this past year. It was an incredible experience that helped shape her whole path of study! Being a part of this team is a wonderful way to incorporate your academic interests into something more recreational, and to develop strong bonds with your team mates.

Natalie Pavlatos
Director General (Fall)

Natalie is a junior majoring in Political Science and minoring in Hispanic Studies and Linguistics. Her first experience in Model UN was her sophomore year of high school as the Rep. of the Congo on the Human Rights Commission, and she's been hooked ever since! She loves the NMUN conference, not only because she gets to vote in the UN, but primarily because she has an irrational obsession with riding subways.

Kaitlin Roh
Director General (Spring)

Kaitlin is a double major in Political Science and Educational Studies. She is spending fall semester in Amman, Jordan on an arabic immersion program, but is excited to return in the spring to join the MUN team going to New York for her third year - hopefully bringing some new perspective from her time abroad. While Kaitlin enjoys the diplomatic arguing, her favorite part of MacMUN has been bonding with her wonderful teammates.

Lindsay Daniels
Director General (Spring)

Lindsay is a junior majoring in Russian Studies and minoring in Linguistics. This will be her fourth year doing Model UN and (hopefully) second year interning with the Global Classrooms program. Her favorite things about going to New York include dressing up, electronic voting in the UN, and eating cupcakes.

Yiting Wang
Director of Finance

Yiting is from Shanghai, and an Economics and Math double major. She started Model UN from high school and loves it. it's a great place to meet interesting people and one week in New York with the team is just wonderful! City life is an addiction to her.