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2016 Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference

Frequently Asked Questions About MUPC

What is the difference between a poster presentation and a paper presentation?

A paper presentation is oral (10 minutes in length, with 3 minutes after that for questions). A poster presentation is your work on a poster (size 30 X 40); for this presentation, you will stand by your poster and answer questions from those who come by to look at your work across a one hour session.

What should I wear to the conference?

While some may opt for dress for success, the basic standard for MUPC is business casual.

How long should I stay at the conference?

In general, the expectation is that you should attend the entire conference, attending presentations and viewing the posters you find interesting (see the program that will be distributed at the conference). At the very minimum, you need to present for the entire poster session or presentation session in which you are scheduled.


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