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In Web-speak, it's called a "Portal." You log in, and based on your role at Macalester, you see relevant information and have access to useful tools. Because it's user-driven, each individual in the community is able to customize what is displayed and where it's located. It's going to be a whole new way to get things done and stay in touch.

Here are some examples of how different groups will use it:

Students – Login and view the classes they are taking, the grades they've earned, financial aid information and more.

Student screen shot.

Faculty – Will have convenient access to employment information, the classes they teach, the students they advise, and more.

Faculty screenshot

All Macalester employees Will be able to manage their benefits, enter time sheets, review vacation times and access other employment information.

The whole Macalester Community - Will find out about important announcements, news, events and what is happening in our community in one convenient place. Here's an example of how Savannah College of Art and Design shares info using their portal:

MyScad Screenshot

So, that's what we're building. It's going to be really great and we're excited to know what everyone thinks we should call it.

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