What can happen after you graduate from Macalester?

Two recent geography alumni have published papers based on research they did with Geography Professor William Moseley while they were at Macalester.

Dillon Teske ’09, who worked as an AmeriCorps volunteer in Maine and now lives in Cincinnati working for a company that does home delivery of organic and local foods, wanted to know which professors, by discipline, were most likely to have their opinions published in newspapers and specifically, where fellow geographers placed. He did this by analyzing newspaper op-eds published in the United States from 2004–2008. Political science professors topped the list followed by colleagues in economics, sociology, geography, anthropology, geology and biology. Teske’s paper was published in Applied Geography.

Joel Larson ’06, now in the midst of a two-year Presidential Management Fellowship with the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management in Washington D.C., wrote about hunger in the Twin Cities and was published in GeoJournal. For his paper, Larson developed a spatial model for predicting risk to food insecurity based on demographic variables and grocery store density. His findings should allow for better targeting of food aid and programs that help alleviate food insecurity.

According to Prof. Moseley who was co-author on both papers, “Publishing in a peer-reviewed journal is not easy and both Dillon and Joel worked tirelessly, eventually seeing their papers through to acceptance and publication (a process which often takes two-three years in the social sciences). This meant continuing to work with a faculty member at Macalester long after graduation day.” 

December 22 2010

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