Scavenger Hunt

In September, the MSCS department hosted the third annual C*SM*S Scavenger Hunt. Students solved a series of eight puzzles whose answers led students to the hidden location of the next puzzle on the Macalester campus.

Students had to create a “never-ending story” by turning a 3-page book into a Moebius strip. They also had to make their own color-by-numbers picture with a contour plot of a given multivariable function. Sometimes the hardest part of a puzzle was decoding the campus location from the solution. According to Jeanmarie Youngblood ’12, the biggest challenge was “doing math while you’re out of breath!”

Thirty-three students participated in teams of 2 to 5 players. The victors were Team Moldy Mug, consisting of John Paige ’14, Minh Nguyen ’14, Amy Jannett ’14, Jacob Rath’13, and the eponymous Moldy Mug. They were the first team to complete all eight puzzles. Each member was awarded an Angry Birds plush (with sound) as a victory trophy. Nice work!

September 26 2011

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