Model United Nations in South Korea

Political science and German major Tsesa Monaghan ’13 (Mankato, Minn.) took lots of photos at the Global Model U.N. conclave in South Korea. She reports:  

In August Ruxi Zhang ’14 (Beijing, China) and I were delegates to the Global Model United Nations conference in Incheon, South Korea. I represented Nigeria with students from Malaysia, Japan, and China, and Ruxi—an international studies and Russian major—represented Jordan with students from China, Mexico, and Australia.

It surprised me to be one of only a handful of Americans at the conference; it was awesome to see that Model U.N. is truly a global phenomenon. I befriended and worked with students from so many countries, ranging from Bolivia to Bangladesh… It was exciting to meet students from all these different places who are equally passionate about international issues. We were able to work together in the true spirit of the U.N. by compromising and respecting one another’s ideas. It was also valuable to see Korea, including the city of Incheon, a traditional temple, and the Demilitarized Zone between North Korea and South Korea. Another nice part was meeting up with Mac people—a recent grad teaching English in Incheon and a Macalester friend of mine who is Korean and was living in Seoul over the summer. 

October 28 2011

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