The short video “Wo ist Goethe” won in the Macalester College German Department’s “Wo ist Goethe” competition in November 2011. It won the awards “Most creative project” as well as the “Student-choice award.”

Nicholas Huelster ’12, who is a French and Cultural Studies major with a concentration in Critical Theory, directed the video. It stars Benas Klatitis ’15 as Werther von Weimar, Li Guan ’15 as German professor Linda Shulta Sasse, Xiran Lu ’15 and features German lab instructor Jannik Kloft and Macalester College President Brian Rosenberg.

The “Wo ist Goethe” project was begun based on a true story. The photograph of Goethe had disappeared from the German Department bulletin board. The question was, where did it go? Where is it hanging now? The competition was to photograph the lost picture of Goethe at his new final destination and to create a short narrative about his disappearance.

November 15 2011

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