Roberto Capriotti ’13 (Pittsburgh) is both a pitcher and a budding actor. At Macalester, he can follow both passions.

By Roberto Capriotti

Macalester is the perfect place for me as a baseball player and actor. Usually it’s difficult to juggle a sport and theater, but my professors and coaches have helped me make it work.                    

I was initially interested in Macalester because it was a reputable liberal arts school where I could play baseball. But once I got here, I became more and more interested in theater and decided to major in it along with creative writing. In my first year, I was able to attend all 10 fall baseball practices and play Cleante in our main stage production of Tartuffe, directed by Harry Waters Jr. I stayed in shape for baseball by doing our off-season workouts and was geared up and ready for the spring season.

Last year, I did two shows: Cabaret in the fall and Antigone in the spring. Since Cabaret required a lot of rehearsals, I had to miss a few fall practices, but my baseball coach was understanding and willing to let me compromise some baseball for theater.

For Antigone, I returned to campus for rehearsals before the second semester  started. The show conflicted with the first 20 days of baseball practice, but both the director and the coach helped me work through it so I could practice for baseball and rehearse for the show as much as possible. I have been fortunate with how attainable my aspirations have been, thanks to the faculty and coaches. Next fall I plan to put my acting interests first when I travel to Arezzo, Italy, to study physical theater at the Accademia dell’ Arte.

Macalester has been a great place for me to pursue both my athletic and academic goals. It has been easy for me to explore my interests and get the most out of my college experience. Playing baseball for the Scots and performing and studying acting are my greatest passions and each requires a big commitment. I’m very lucky to have had the opportunity to enjoy them both at this stage of my life. I couldn’t imagine college without theater or baseball and I’m glad I haven’t had to.

April 23 2012

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