For 12 Macalester sophomores and juniors every spring, the final exams and papers at semester’s end mark simply the halfway point for one of their classes. These are the Chuck Green Fellows, immersed in a six-month fellowship. that combines a spring seminar on community-based issues with an on-site summer project at a community organization to implement recommendations developed in the spring. Fellows study democratic engagement in social and organizational change, then put those lessons into action in the Twin Cities—exemplifying the teaching of Chuck Green, a political science professor who retired in 2006 after more than 40 years at Macalester.

Jocelyne Cardona ’14 (San Jose, Calif.) spent the summer working at the Neighborhood House, an organization in St. Paul’s District del Sol serving immigrants, refugees, and low-income populations. She focused her project on college access. “I had a large event for the Latino community talking about college: how do you get to college, how do you pay for college? College access—the counseling—is something I’m passionate about,” she says. “I was really intrigued that I could create a project with my own passions and bring it to the community.”

August 30 2012

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