People-Brazilian Cowboy:  This is a man (whose name I do not remember) in the MST (Movement for the Landless Farm Workers) settlement in the countryside of the interior of north-eastern Brazil. I loved the way he was dressed for no particular occasion. I asked if I could take his photo and he posed like this for me.
By Rosa Perr

Culture-Sumo:  This is a picture of the top level sumo wrestlers before they begin to compete. They are performing a starting ritual to display their name and insignia tied around their waist.
By James Zhou

Environment-Resting Zebras:  We often came upon huge groups of zebras, sometimes in the 100s. Their interactions are very complex and you could determine who the dominant males and females were of most groups. These three were so relaxed and I thought this photo captured the day to day of zebra life on the savannah. They’re not always getting hunted down by lions, after all.
By Tess Carley

February 22 2013

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