Kyle Coombs performs in Macalester's Concert Choir

Despite being the son of two Presbyterian ministers, Kyle Coombs ’14 (Scotia, N.Y.) didn’t come to Macalester determined to “do religion.” Nevertheless, after accompanying his parents to an orientation week open house at the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life (“I wasn’t going to get out of doing that!”) and meeting the chaplains, he decided some involvement with the place wouldn’t be all bad. “I had great conversations with KP Hong, Lucy Forster Smith, and Father Bob and thought this was a place I would fit in,” remembers the economics major.

Next thing he knew he was a member of Mac Protestants (a group with whom he is currently serving as co-chair), playing guitar at Thursday evening faith gatherings, emceeing the talent show Café Spiritus, and a member of both the Religious Org and Multifaith Councils. In the former he represents Protestants as the college’s various religious organizations work together to plan events such as interfaith services. The latter group is more discussion-based, an opportunity to promote campus dialogue on topics from food ethics to the marriage amendment.

As if he weren’t busy enough with his faith-based activities, Coombs is also a dedicated to the arts. He’s a member of the Concert Choir, the Mac Players student theater group, the Off Kilter jazz a cappella group, and associate news editor of the Mac Weekly. He also works as a Campus Center building supervisor.

“It’s tough to organize it all at times,” he admits. But I’m good at thinking on my feet and switching gears. Luckily, I like to be busy.”

May 1 2013

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