Joe Dykema ’14 went to New York for an internship—and left with a job offer.

Last summer, Joe Dykema ’14 (Roseville, Minn.) headed to New York City with two of his fellow Macalester economics majors. All three had summer internships in the city—and all three left the city with job offers in hand.

Through Macalester’s faculty and alumni network, Dykema had found out about a summer internship opening at the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers. Five interviews later, he had landed the internship.

Dykema moved to New York with his two friends and spent the summer doing risk consulting in PricewaterhouseCoopers’s advisory practice. He learned how to navigate life in New York—including figuring out public transportation and hailing a cab—while exploring the consulting career path. Drawn to the interdisciplinary nature of economics, he decided to pursue a career in consulting for the same reasons. “You can’t specialize in just one area,” says Dykema, who is also minoring in statistics. “The liberal arts education helps you, because you have to balance and take ideas from different thoughts and subject areas and apply them.”

In the second to last day of his summer internship, Dykema got a job offer. “That was probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt in my life,” he says. “Growing up, I never thought I’d ever, one, go to New York City and two, get a job at a top consulting firm.” Within a few days, his roommates had received their own job offers. The three are searching for an apartment now, with plans to move back to New York together this summer.

Dykema’s advice to younger students: “Focus on your relationships with other people. I got this internship because I had a close friend who had another friend who knew another person. Valuing those relationships can go a long way.”

March 20 2014

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