Will Matsuda ’15 (Portland, Ore.) enjoys soccer as both varsity athlete and photographer. He is majoring in educational studies and geography. 

How important was soccer in your decision to attend Macalester? 

When I was applying to colleges, I looked for a small liberal arts school that had a strong soccer program. On my visit, I stayed with a Portlander on the team. The school seemed like a great fit right away because of the progressive student body, the small classes, and the engaging professors.

 What else? 

I especially liked that the campus is in an urban environment. In the past four years, I have really taken advantage of the location, interning at Minnesota Public Radio and with Alec Soth, an internationally renowned photographer.  

How many years have you played for the Scots?

 All four; I play on the wing in midfield.  

What do you get out of soccer? 

I have played soccer almost my whole life. It provides structure and forces me to be really organized, which I think I need. Although soccer at Mac is extremely competitive, it is a form of relaxation for me from the academic rigor of classes. 

Any time management tips for balancing a varsity sport with academics? 

I would be lost without my daily calendar! Procrastination just really isn’t an option as a student-athlete here.

For more of Will’s photos, visit his portfolio website: http://williammatsuda.com/

November 7 2014

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