“My favorite thing about the winter here is the first time you wake up after it has snowed all night. Everything out the window looks completely different and—for that one time—you just can’t wait to go outside.”
Luiza Montesanti ’15
Sao Paulo, Brazil

“It’s a good excuse if you’re late, you can see your own breath, and shoveling snow is an easy way to make extra money.”
Hunter Johnson ’16
Malibu, Calif.

“There’s nothing like being greeted by my two best friends after a cold walk from campus. We do a lot to make our apartment cozy; I can always count on candles, music, and apple cider to be waiting for me. My whole apartment building is Mac students and we’re already forging a commitment to stay friends when the city turns into a tundra. Cold is the ultimate community-builder.”
Hannah Rehak ’15
Chicago, Ill.

“I love winter because getting all bundled up reminds me of being a kid. Just the act of zipping up my coat makes me think of all the times zipping up led to hours outside in the snow.”
Alysia Jones ’17
Highland, Ind.

“I remember that school was cancelled in eighth grade and the snow didn’t even end up sticking; Portland doesn’t get a lot of snow. We are lucky if it snows once during a winter. Even in my fourth Minnesota winter, the snow and the cold still feel novel.”
Will Matsuda ’15
Portland, Ore.

“I love winter because it’s socially acceptable to wear crazy hats and scarves.”
Edda Veelik ’16
Los Angeles, Calif.

“It’s so pretty when it snows. It’s rare in South Carolina and without it, the world looks barren.”
Tia Eskridge ’17
Columbia, S.C.

“Winter in Minnesota is exciting because the snow doesn’t shut everything down. My friends laughed, but I popped out of bed like a kid at Christmas when it snowed because snow doesn’t stick around in Georgia.”
Kira Pollack ’18
Athens, Ga.

December 1 2014

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