Class of 2011

Sher Afgan Tareen

After Mac: Harvard Divinity School, PhD program at Florida State University

As a PhD student in American religious history, my work now is a more advanced version of what I was doing at Harvard Divinity School. I am training to become an expert on American Islam, with specific interest in theories of space and place, and how religious ideas are refracted in non-religious settings and contexts.

I can easily claim that no faculty equals Macalester’s. I was just blessed to have smart and insanely supportive professors in the religious studies department. Although I have stayed in academic spaces since graduating from Macalester, I believe that the sheer confidence that I gained at Macalester in articulating my thoughts and engaging in debates would’ve helped me even if I had decided not to remain in the classroom. Macalester taught me the confidence to think critically and speak unapologetically. I always thought of Macalester as a place where we spoke up. That’s something that saturates the Macalester campus: from the excellent faculty to a politically conscious and active student population.

April 9 2015

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