Francesca Vescia ’18

AT HER WORK STUDY JOB in the archives of the DeWitt Wallace Library, Francesca Vescia ’18 came across an unmarked portfolio that seemed out of place in a cabinet full of old ledgers and scrapbooks. She opened it to find more than 20 manuscript pages from the 12th through the 15th centuries—a discovery that tripled the archive’s known collection of medieval documents. “I’d seen this kind of thing in a museum but never up close like this,” Vescia says about the collection, which included this page from a 15th century German psalter. “All the librarians came up to see them. We were all nerding out.”

Though no one knew the works were in Mac’s collection, they definitely won’t be disappearing again. Archivist Ellen Holt-Werle ’97 hopes to use them with classes that come to the Rare Books Room, or find a faculty member who might have students interested in researching them. She says, “We don’t have any information about when or why these came to the library, or what they exactly are. If any alums out there know about these, we’d love to hear more.”

August 19 2015

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