The Global Citizenship Photography Contest is pleased to announce the winners of our Fall 2015 Photo Contest. A jury of Macalester staff and students judged the photos based on their image quality and insightful captions. This year, more than 69 images were submitted to the contest. Here are this semester’s winners: 

    • First Place (tie): Benjamin Kromash, Amiga
    • First Place (tie): Maxwell Guttman, The View from Above
    • Honorable Mention: Zoe Bowman, Iftaar
    • Honorable Mention: Gabrielle Rivera, Gato de Segovia

Name: Benjamin Kromash
Image Title: 
Caption: The town of Cotocachi, Ecuador is famous for expansive markets of crafts, fruits and vegetables and incredible meats. The town revolves around the market and people come from all over to partake. What makes this market so special is that it is almost entirely indigenous people buying and selling. This economic exchange is incredibly empowering for a marginalized group. While walking outside the market this stunning woman in traditional indigenous attire approached me. Even though she didn’t speak Spanish and I didn’t speak Quechua we communicated through our smiles. I gestured to my camera to ask permission to photograph her and she enthusiastically granted. She asked so see my photographs and we exchanged a moment of shared love for art.

Name: Maxwell Guttman
Image Title: 
The View From Above
Caption: This year, I attended my fourth Into the Streets: I’ve been an Orientation Leader for three years, and, of course, went on my own. By chance, this also was my second consecutive year going to the Mississippi Riverfront neighborhood. But when we went to the top of the Guthrie in the Dowling Studio Lobby (“the yellow room”), the buzz felt different than I’d remembered. Because it was my second time up there, I was able to appreciate seeing others who were experiencing it for their first time. It reminded me that being a global citizen is about paying attention to not just about the place and the people who call it home, but also the people who don’t (yet). There’s always more to see.

Name: Zoe Bowman
Image Title: 
Image Caption: This picture was taken at sunset at Al-Azhar park in Cairo. I visited Cairo during Ramadan, and as the sun set, hundreds of people broke the fast with their families as the call to prayer radiated from the cities mosques. The moments before the sunset were full of anticipation, and families spread out their picnics and younger children ran around in the grass. As my friend and I walked around, we were given many invitations to sit and eat with people and join in their celebration. It was also incredible to walk through the city streets and see tables of food placed out for anyone to eat. The generosity and inclusivity of strangers was a reminder of how connected we all are to each other.

Name: Gabrielle Rivera
Image Title: 
Gato de Segovia
Caption: El gato sits erect, undisturbed by the movement of people. A blaring wound spans his neck. The cat has turned his head, concealing the gash and subsequent scar tissue. The historic walls behind him tell a story of similar misfortune and endurance. Madrid has many homeless people. I recognize them: by the clothes they wear, the song they sing, or location they claim their own. They are part of the city’s energy, an aspect of life in Madrid that goes mostly unseen as Spaniards take their daily paseo. I see rare gestures of kindness in the form of pocket-change dropping loudly into a silent cup, but often the less fortunate sit in a similar solace as el gato, unnoticed by most and forgotten by many.

November 25 2015

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