St. Paul, Minn. – Macalester College has granted tenure status to the following three faculty members: Julia Bekman Chadaga, Russian Studies; Brian Lush, Classics; and Brett Wilson, Religious Studies.

Chadaga, a specialist in 19th and 20th-century Russian literature and culture who is currently working on two projects, one on the intersections of creativity and crime in 19th and 20th-century Russia, and the other on contemporary protest art, received her PhD from Harvard University and her BA from Wesleyan University. Her book, Optical Play: Glass, Vision, and Spectacle in Russian Culture was published in 2014.

Lush, who studies the occurrence and effects of tragic dissonance in the plays of Euripides, received his PhD and his MA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and his BA from the University of Kentucky.

Wilson, a specialist in Islamic studies and modern Middle Eastern history with a focus on Turkey and the late Ottoman Empire and whose book, Translating the Qur’an in an Age of Nationalism: Print Culture and Modern Islam in Turkey was published in 2014, received his PhD and his MA from Duke University and his BA from the Honors College at the University of South Carolina.

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February 1 2016

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