Photos by Soobin Choi and Yafiet B Bezabih

Weeks four and five of spring semester were packed with events.

One hundred fifty-three students making up 32 teams worked more than 24 hours non-stop during Macalester’s fourth Macathon and its first Funkathon, which both took place Feb. 19-20. Macalester students competed for cash prizes and the opportunity for feedback from successful alumni entrepreneurs, technologists, investors, and those in the creative arts.

In addition to Macathon/Funkathon, the Lectures Coordination Board presented Noor Tagouri as one of their spring speakers; Handmade at Mac baked and decorated homemade cookies; the Macalester Consulting Group (MCG) Case Competition against Carleton College was held on campus, a BLAC Showcase took place in Kagin, dogs visited Macathon/Funkathon on Saturday morning for stress relief; and Liu Zhenxiong demonstrated calligraphy in conjunction with A Sea of Change: Chinese Modern Ephemera from the Collection of Richard Bodman and Hongyuan Lang.

February 29 2016

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