The Global Citizenship Photography Contest is pleased to announce the winners of our Spring 2016 Photo Contest. A jury of Macalester staff and students judged the photos based on their image quality and insightful captions. This year, more than 45 images were submitted to the contest. Here are this semester’s winners:

  • First Place: Nathaniel Yackel, Dubrovnik City Walls
  • Honorary Mention: Noah Nieting, Peace & Unity at the Fadiouth Cemetery
  • Honorary Mention: Margaret Poulos, Past, Present, Future
  • Honorary Mention: Bo-Sung Kim, From Ramallah To Jerusalem

Grand Prize Photographer: Nathaniel Yackel
Image title: Dubrovnik City Walls
Caption: This picture of the city walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia was taken from the Lovrijenac fortress across the harbor from the historic city center. While having the opportunity to be a guest in this beautiful city was one of the most memorable parts of my study away experience, my time in Croatia was also conflicting. As I wandered the streets as a tourist I could not help but see the lingering damage done by artillery shells from as recently as 1991, or see the ethnically charged rhetoric prominently displayed at museums and public memorials. Facing these harsh realities and strength with which Croatians confront their history made me ever more conscious of my privilege as a US citizen and inspired immense respect of the human condition.

Honorary Mention: Noah Nieting
Image title: Peace & Unity at the Fadiouth Cemetery
The island town of Fadiouth, Senegal has substantial Christian and Muslim populations with many families including members of both faiths. Captured here is the town’s cemetery where citizens of both faiths are buried side-by-side. In a predominantly Muslim country in a world that has increasingly seen more violence and vitriol around religion and spiritual identities, this sight symbolizes a peace and unity that can prevail over fear and hate. Acts, norms, and traditions like those of Fadiouth demonstrate the dedication to pluralism needed in every global citizen. Just two weeks after the attacks of Paris, Beirut, and Bamako I found myself in search of this kind of citizenship. It is alive and well with the people of Fadiouth.

Honorary Mention: Margaret Poulos
Image title: Past, Present, Future
Caption: The image captures a sunset over La Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Tlatelolco, Mexico City. The plaza is home to 500 years worth of Mexican history and culture, in the form of pre-Aztec and Aztec remains, the Spanish church, and the 1968 Tlatelolco Massacre. The church pictured was built by Spanish colonizers using Aztec remains, just as the Aztecs used the the civilizations of Texcoco and Tlacopan to build their empire. My experience here taught me that history is alive, even immortal, through the identity of its descendants. Global citizens give credence to global history and recognize its impact on the present and future. History weaves the social fabric which unites people through revolution, solidarity, and shared values – essentially global citizenship.

Honorary Mention: Bo-Sung Kim
Image title: From Ramallah To Jerusalem
Caption: I witnessed men waiting in line with tired hopes of crossing the gate. And I watched myself invoke my privilege as a citizen of the United States at this Qalandiya checkpoint. From Ramallah to Jerusalem, it took only a few meters to define where I stand between Israel and Palestine.

March 14 2016

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