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From topics as varied as childhood obesity in Mexico to the discovery of new galaxies, Macalester students collaborate with faculty in the lab and in the field, often publishing co-authored articles in professional journals.

At major universities, such research opportunities are usually restricted to graduate students. But at Mac, undergraduates frequently work alongside professors to the benefit of both. Says physics professor John Cannon, “There is no substitute for the experience of students and faculty working together on research. The skills that students (and faculty) develop in this setting are unique and cannot be acquired in a classroom. Experiencing all aspects of the scientific process—from the frustrations to the discoveries—is magical and transformative.”   

Below is a partial list of recent papers co-authored by Mac students working with their professors. Though far from complete, the list captures a glimpse of the academic insight happening at Macalester.

American Studies

Duchess Harris and Ayaan Natala ’18. “Addressing Torture in Our Own Backyard.” Human Rights Observer. 2015, 27 (2).

Duchess Harris and Christine Ohenewah ’15. “What You Don’t Know Can Kill You: Race, Class, and Access to Genetic Cancer Testing.” The Feminist Wire. 2013.  


Scott S. Legge and Anna M. Hardin ’12 (2015) “The Pulp Cavity and its Contents.” In A Companion to Dental Anthropology. Joel D. Irish and G. Richard Scott eds. Wiley-Blackwell.

Anna M. Hardin ’12 and Scott S. Legge (2013) “Evaluation of the Utility of Deciduous Molar Morphological Variation in Great Ape Phylogenetic Analysis.” Dental Anthropology Vol. 26(1-2): 5-14.

Anna M. Hardin ’12 and Scott S. Legge (2013) “Geographic Variation in Non-Metric Dental Traits of the Deciduous Molars of Pan and Gorilla.” International Journal of Primatology Vol. 34(5): 1000-1019.  

Scott S. Legge and Edward P. Fleming, with contributions by Anne-Marie Buron ’15, Dresden R. Gagne ’13, Allison M. Gottwalt ’13, Kerry L. Hartwick ’14, Taylor I. Helfand ’13, Erin M. Holt ’13, Laura E. Holt ’13, Emily N. Lawson ’15, Sonja A. Meintsma ’13, Carol E. Mejía ’15, Anna L. Olson ’13, Ruth A. Pardini ’15, Mary Pheng ’13, Jocelyn D. Pickreign ’13, Martha P. Rigby ’13, Kate A. Sinnott ’14, Ghariza Sujak Bakir ’13, Zoë A. Tomasello ’13, Shasta E. Webb ’13 (2013) Phase I Survey of Macalester College’s Katharine Ordway Natural History Study Area, Inver Grove Heights, Dakota County, Minnesota. Macalester College, St. Paul, MN.


Katya Jay ’16, Zachary Popkin-Hall, Michelle Coblens ’16, Jill Oberski ’16, Prashant Sharma, Sarah Boyer. 2016. “New Species of Austropurcellia, Cryptic Short-Range Endemic Mite Harvestmen (Arachnida, Opiliones, Cyphophthalmi) from Australia’s Wet Tropics Biodiversity Hotspot.” ZooKeys 586: 37-93.

Daniel J. Hornbach, Rick Beckel ’15, Erin N. Hustad ’16, Dylan P. McAdam ’15, Inga M. Roen ’15 & Amanda J. Wareham ’15. 2015. “The Influence of Riparian Vegetation and Season on Stream Metabolism of Valley Creek, Minnesota.” Journal of Freshwater Ecology 30 (4): 569-588.

M.A. Davis, M.D. Anderson, L. Bock-Brownstein’15, A. Staudenmaier ’16, M. Suliteanu ’15, A. Wareham ’15, and JJ. Dosch. 2015. “Little Evidence of Native and Non-Native Species Influencing One Another’s Abundance and Distribution in the Herb Layer of an Oak Woodland.” Journal of Vegetation Science 26:105-112.

M.A. Davis, C. MacMillen ’13, M. LeFevre-Lefy ’14, C. Dallavalle ’15, N. Kriegel ’14, S. Tyndel ’13, Y. Martinez ’13, M.D. Anderson, and J.J. Dosch. 2014. “Population and Plant Community Dynamics Involving Garlic Mustard (Alliaria Petiolata) in a Minnesota Oak Woodland: a Four-Year Study.” Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 141: 205–216.


Keith Kuwata, Emily Guinn ’08, Matthew Hermes ’09, Jenna Fernandez ’14, Jon Mathison ’16, and Ke Huang ’16 co-authored “A Computational Re-examination of the Criegee Intermediate-Sulfur Dioxide Reaction,” which appeared in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A in 2015.

Keith Kuwata, Lawrence Furan ’16 and Andrew Bendelsmith ’13, along with collaborators at the University of Minnesota, co-authored “Mechanism of the Intramolecular Hexadehydro-Diels- Alder Reaction,” which appeared in the Journal of Organic Chemistry in 2015.

Keith Kuwata, Rebecca Meier ’15, Ruth Pardini ’15, and Tristan Truttmann ’17, along with collaborators at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, co-authored “Synthesis of Ethers via Reaction of Carbanions and Monoperoxyacetals,” which appeared in the Journal of Organic Chemistry in 2015.

Paul Fischer, Alexander Weberg ’15, Trent Bohrmann ’16, and Hanyue Xu ’16 co-authored “Group VI Metal Complexes of Tris(diphenylphosphinomethyl) Phenylborate: Modulation of Ligand Donation via Coordination of M(CO)3 Units at the Borate Phenyl Substituent,” which appeared in Dalton Transactions in 2015.

Thomas Varberg, Ian Wise ’16, and Bradley Pearlman ’16, along with collaborators at the University of Arizona, co-authored “Au-S Bonding Revealed from the Characterization of Diatomic Gold Sulfide, AuS,” which appeared in the Journal of Physical Chemistry A in 2015.

Paul J. Fischer, Laura Avena ’14, Trent D. Bohrmann ’16, Michelle C. Neary ’10, Grace K. Putka ’16, and Kevin P. Sullivan ’12, “Group VI Metal Carbonyl Complexes of Bis((diphenylphosphino)methyl)diphenylborate and an Assessment of Their Utility for Template Ligand Syntheses, Organometallics, 2014, 33 (5), pp 1300–1309.


Disa Hynsjo ’15 and Amy Damon, “Bilingual Education in Peru: Evidence on How Quechua-medium Education Affects Indigenous Children’s Academic Achievement,” Economics of Education Review, Forthcoming, 2016.

Amy Damon and Devon Kristiansen ’12. (2014) “Childhood Obesity in Mexico: The Effect of International Migration,” Agricultural Economics 45: 1-17.

Needham Hurst ’11 and Sarah West. (2014). “Public Transit and Urban Redevelopment: The Effect of Light Rail Transit on Land Use in Minneapolis, Minnesota.” Regional Science and Urban Economics 46: 57-72.

Environmental Studies

Bradtmiller, L.I., D. McGee, P.B. DeMenocal, C.W. Kinsley, M. Awalt ’13, J. Evers ’14, and H. Yerxa ’13 (2016). Changes in Biological Productivity Along the Northwest African Margin Over the Past 20,000 years. Paleoceanography, 31, doi:10.1002/2015PA002862.

Hornbach, D.J., R. Beckel ’15, E.N. Hustad ’16, D.P. McAdam ’15, I.M. Roen ’15, and A.J. Wareham ’15. 2015. The Influence of Riparian Vegetation and Season on Stream Metabolism of Valley Creek, Minnesota. Journal of Freshwater Ecology 30: 569-588.

Hornbach, D., M Hove, M. Agata ’16, E. Arnold, E. Cavazos ’16, C. Friedman ’16, K. Jay ’16, E. Johnson ’17, K. Johnson ’16, and A. Staudenmaier ’16. 2016. Ecosystem Structure and Function in Two Branches of an Eastern Minnesota Trout Stream. Journal of Freshwater Ecology (in press).


Peyton, S. ’13, W.G. Moseley and J. Battersby. 2015. “Implications of Supermarket Expansion on Urban Food Security in Cape Town, South Africa.” African Geographical Review. 34(1): 36-54.  


Raymond R. Rogers, Susan M. Kidwell, Alan L. Deino, James P. Mitchell, Kenneth Nelson ’09, and Jeffrey T. Thole, “Age, Correlation, and Lithostratigraphic Revision of the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Judith River Formation in Its Type Area (North-Central Montana), with a Comparison of Low- and High-Accommodation Alluvial Records,” The Journal of Geology 124, no. 1 (January 2016)

Raymond Rogers, Matthew Carrano, K. Curry-Rogers, Magaly Perez ’14, and Anik Regan ’17. “Isotaphonomy in Concept and Practice: An Exploration of Vertebrate Microfossil Bonebeds in the Upper Cretaceous (Campanian) Judith River Formation, North-Central Montana.” Forthcoming in Paleobiology, 2016.

Kristina Curry Rogers, Megan Whitney ’13, Michael D’Emic, and Brian Bagley. “Precocity in a Tiny Titanosaur from the Cretaceous of Madagascar,” Science, 352 (2016), 450-453.


J. Sims ’14 and Vittorio Addona. “Hurdle Models and Age Effects in the Major League Baseball Draft” Journal of Sports Economics Vol. 15 Iss. 3 (2014), pp. 1-16

Tom Halverson and Mike Reeks ’13, Gelfand Models for Diagram Algebras, Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics, 41 (2015), 229-255.

Elise delMas ’12 and Tom Halverson, Representations of the Rook-Brauer Algebra, Communications in Algebra, 42 (2013), 423-443.

Brendan Ames, Andrew Beveridge, Claire Djang, Rosalie Carlson, Volkan Isler, Steven Ragain, Maxray Savage ’13, A Leapfrog Strategy for Pursuit-Evasion in Polygonal Environments, International Journal on Computational Geometry and Applications, Vol. 25, No. 2, (2015) pp. 77-100.

Andrew Beveridge and Jie Shan ’14, Math Horizons Magazine, Vol. 23, No. 4 (2016) pp. 18-22.

Andrew Beveridge and Jeanmarie Youngblood ’12, Graphs and Combinatorics, DOI 10.1007/s00373-016-1714-y, published online May 2016.


Alec S. Hirschauer, John J. Salzer,  Evan D. Skillman, Danielle Berg, Kristen B. W. McQuinn, John M. Cannon, Alex J. R. Gordon ’18, Martha P. Haynes, Riccardo Giovanelli, Elizabeth A. K. Adams. 2016. “ALFALFA Discovery of the Most Metal-Poor Gas-Rich Galaxy Known: AGC 198691.” The Astrophysical Journal 822:108.

Herenz, E.C., Gruyters, P., Orlitov´a, I., Hayes, M., Ostlin, G., Cannon, J.M., Roth, M.M., Bik, A., Pardy, S. ’13, Ot´Ä±-Floranes, H., Mas-Hesse, J.M., Adamo, A. Atek, H., Duval, F., Guaita, L., Kunth, D., Laursen, P., Melinder, J., Puschnig, J., Rivera-Thorsen, T., Schaerer, D., & Verhamme, A. “The Lyman Alpha Reference Sample: VII. Spatially Resolved H↵ Kinematics” 2016, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 587, A78

Warren, S.R., Molter, E. ’15., Cannon, J.M., Bolatto, A.D., Adams, E.A.K., Bernstein-Cooper, E.Z. ’13, Giovanelli, R., Haynes, M.P., Herrera-Camus, R., Jameson, K., McQuinn, K.B.W., Rhode, K.L., Salzer, J.J., & Skillman, E.D. “CARMA CO Observations of Three Extremely Metal-Poor, Star-Forming Galaxies” Astrophysical Journal, 2015, 814, 30

Adams, E.A.K., Cannon, J.M., Rhode, K.L., Janesh, W.F., Janowiecki, S., Leisman, L., Giovanelli, R., Haynes, M.P., Oosterloo, T.A., Salzer, J.J., & Zaidi, T. ’17 “AGC 226067: A Possible Interacting Low-Mass System” 2015, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 580, A134

Guaita, L. Melinder, J., Hayes, M., Ostlin, G., Gonzalez, J., Adamo, A., ¨ Mas-Hesse, J.M., Sandberg, A., Ot´Ä±-Floranes, H., Schaerer, D., Verhamme, A., Freeland, E., Orlitov´a, I., Laursen, P., Cannon, J.M., Duval, F., Rivera-Thorsen, T., Herenz, E.C., Kunth, D., Atek, H., Puschnig, J, Gruyters, P., & Pardy, S.A ’13. “The Lyman Alpha Reference Sample: IV. Morphology at Low “and High Redshift” 2015, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 576, A51

Haurberg, N.C., Salzer, J.J., Cannon, J.M., & Marshall, M.V. ’14 “Oxygen Abundance Measurements of SHIELD Galaxies” 2015, The Astrophysical Journal, 800, 121 58.

Cannon, J.M., Martinkus, C.P. ’15, Leisman, L., Haynes, M.P., Adams, E.A.K., Giovanelli, R., Hallenbeck, G., Janowiecki, S., Jones, M., J´osza, G.I.G., Koopmann, R.A., Nichols, N., Papastergis, E., Rhode, K.L., Salzer, J.J., & Trosicht, P. “The ALFALFA ”Almost Darks” Campaign: Pilot VLA HI Observations of Five High Mass-to-Light Ratio Systems” 2015, The Astronomical Journal, 149, 72

Political Science

Lisa Mueller and Lukas Matthews ’19. The National Elections in Niger, February–March 2016, Electoral Studies (2016), doi: 10.1016/j.electstud.2016.06.001.


McMenamin, B. W., Marsolek, C. J., Morseth, B. K. ’13, Speer, M. F. ’14, Burton, P. C., & Burgund, E. D. (2016). Conflicting Demands of Abstract and Specific Visual Object Processing Resolved by Fronto-Parietal Networks. Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience, 16, 502-515. doi:10.3758/s13415-016-0409-4

Prazak, E. R. ’12, & Burgund, E. D. (2014). Keeping it Real: Recognizing Expressions in Real Compared to Schematic Faces. Visual Cognition, 22, 737-750. doi:10.1080/13506285.2014.914991

July 11 2016

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