Macalester Student Selected as College Debate 2016 Delegate

Marco Hernandez, left, with Calif. Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, taken at the planning and training session in June.

St. Paul, Minn. – Marco Hernandez ’19, a Latin American Studies major from San Pablo, Calif., has been selected as a College Debate 2016 Delegate. As such, he will be a key part of a national, non-partisan student-led initiative to empower young voters to identify issues and engage peers in the presidential election. More than 135 students from colleges and universities throughout the United States were selected as College Debate 2016 delegates.

There’s one issue in particular that’s important to Hernandez. “Immigration reform matters to me the most in this presidential election,” he said. “My parents are both immigrants without papers, and I do not want to see them getting deported.”

Throughout the summer, the delegates are turning to social media to post, tweet, share, and snap the issues that matter most to young voters.

They attended a June 2 planning and training session focused on promoting civil discourse, understanding responsible digital citizenry, and avoiding stereotypes and assumptions while focusing on the issues rather than party politics.

In early September, they will gather for the College Convention and attend a series of sessions to refine and create the College Debate 2016 Platform which will list national youth issues they hope will be addressed by the next President and other elected officials.

The final product will be a memo to the moderators of the 2016 Presidential Debates that will contain specific questions the College Delegates want the candidates to address.

August 3 2016

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