Photographs by Michael Wood, Charmaine Chua, Crystal Moten, Jordyn Whitman

Among last week’s events:

  • At Taste of Service, students enjoyed chocolate treats and learned about service opportunities at more than 40 Twin Cities nonprofit organizations. The annual event is sponsored by Mac’s Civic Engagement Center.
  • Visiting instructor Bryan Nakayama discussed the rise of market society with students in his Global Political Economy class.
  • Students and professors from this semester’s Rondo Public History classes are shown outside the Rondo Commemorative Plaza with community partner Marvin Anderson (center).  The two civic engagement courses are collaborating with Rondo Avenue Inc. this semester to plan the second History Harvest and a digital map project that analyzes the economic trends of the Rondo neighborhood.
  • Now seniors in their last semester at Mac, students from religious studies professor Brett Wilson’s 2013 first-year course Introduction to Islam reunited to reconnect and reminisce.


February 6 2017

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