The events calendar is in full swing as the Mac community heads toward midterms and spring break.

  • Sunset at the intersection of Grand and Snelling Avenues.  (Photo submitted by Virginia Flurry)
  • The Philosophy Department held a colloquium at which Ishani Maitra, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Michigan, gave a talk titled “New Words for Old Wrongs.” (Photo: student photographer Michael Wood)
  • First-years on the football team joined up with the Civic Engagement Center to take a tour of Neighborhood House and the West Side of St. Paul on a snowy day last week. (Photo submitted by Rachel Ladd)
  • A group of students visited the Mulch Store, the Rosemount facility where Macalester’s compost is sent. They followed the process by which the compost is ventilated, turned, and screened into a new, wholesome dirt form. (Photo submitted by Halla Dontje Lindell, Zero Waste Coordinator)
  • Professor Susana Blanco-Iglesias (Hispanic and Latin American Studies) and juniors (from left to right) Caroline Peters, Lucia Hunt, and Colleen Cowie met at Sencha Tea Bar for tea and scholarly conversation. (Photo submitted by Kathryn Scott)
  • The Biology Department’s honor society, Beta Beta Beta, inducted new members. (Photo submitted by Patricia Pfalz)
  • The Classics Alumni Lecture Series featured Catie Bonesho ’09 and Rebecca Boylan Moorman ’14. (Photo: student photographer Michael Wood)
  • Two student workers in one department wore the same scarf to work last week: Lizzy got hers in Denver six years ago and Iltar got his in Turkey four years ago. What are the odds that they both turned up wearing that scarf? (Photo submitted by Herta Pitman)
  • Native American activist, environmentalist, and former Green Party vice-presidential candidate Winona LaDuke (Ojibwe)—an internationally renowned activist and advocate for environmental, women’s, and children’s rights—spoke at Wednesday’s SPEAK! Series. The  St. Paul Native Redbone Singers also performed. (Photo: student photographer Yafiet Bezabih)
  • The annual Founders Day Pub Quiz was held in Smail Gallery. (Photo: student photographer Michael Wood)
  • The annual Pushball game, a Founders Day tradition, happened on Friday. (Photo: student photographer Michael Wood)

March 6 2017

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