Photographs by Nicolas Koch-Gallup ’19 and Tien Dat Le ’20

A few of last week’s events are highlighted here:

  • MacCARES held an event with vegan cookie-baking and decorating and sustainable gift crafting. They made magazine buttons, newspaper snowflakes, newspaper wrapping paper, and origami.
  • American studies professors Duchess Harris and Lizeth Gutierrez are teaching a course and have designed a website that will be featured on the department’s  website.
  • In November, the 23rd session of the Conference of the Parties (COP23) brought together delegates from all nations all over the world to continue their work on strengthening our global response to climate change. Five Macalester students joined Prof. Roopali Phadke as observers at this UN meeting. At this event, Prof. Phadke, Ellen Janda ’19, Kathryn Lund ’18, Ariana Lutze-Jahiel ’17, Julia Makayova ’18, and Mariah Shriner ’18 presented about their experience in Bonn, Germany.
  • KrampuslaufDuring the holiday season St. Nicholas rewards the good children with gifts—but this year Krampus, who punishes bad children, visited  campus.
  • The Cultural House Poetry Slam, a spoken word workshop series and competition, featured students performing self-written pieces exploring identity, self, and social justice.
  • The African Music Ensemble performed its fall concert in the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center’s Mairs Concert Hall.
  • Students gathered for the Center for Religious and Spiritual Life’s annual Christmas Candlelight Service.

December 12 2017

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