Whether he meant to cause a stir or simply wanted to check out a book, we may never know. Regardless, after repeated attempts to enter DeWitt Wallace Library, Max the Cat has risen to internet fame.

The orange tabby, one of two cats belonging to Visiting Assistant Professor Gregory Lipton and his wife, Connie, has been a friendly face around the college since Connie adopted him from a local shelter last year. Since the couple lives nearby, Max loved to roam the campus, making occasional appearances in classrooms and even attending last year’s reunion weekend. Sometime this past year, he began visiting the library, as well; but due to employee allergies (and fears he might get locked inside overnight), he was politely asked not to return.

When library employee Christopher Schommer noticed the building’s handwritten sign asking students not to let in the cat, he figured he’d spruce it up to be a bit more playful. And, well, the internet went crazy.

Although Max’s owners have since decided to keep him in the house, his story has traveled across the world, re-appearing everywhere from the Washington Post to the Irish Times. Amidst all the attention, fans have written him poems, designed him library cards, and offered to turn his story into a children’s book. However, as noted in his recent meeting with President Brian Rosenberg, Max would strongly prefer that any future biographies feature no mice.

December 13 2017

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