It’s important, of course, to spend time in the classroom analyzing texts, learning new concepts, and holding discussions. But, as many Macalester professors recognize, classroom learning takes on a whole new life when it’s observed or practiced out in the community. That can take many forms, as the Civic Engagement Center estimates that roughly 60 courses every year include some component of reciprocal engagement with the Twin Cities—partnerships where both students and the community benefit, such as working with food shelters to create supplier databases, or mentoring elementary school kids. Even more courses incorporate things like site visits to urban farms, workshops with local experts, or field research at the Ordway Field Station, meaning nearly every student has a chance to learn off-campus. This semester, Mac students and professors built houses, presented research, scoped out new theater and art, and met with alumni experts in every corner of the metro area.

May 7 2018

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