Russell Fillmore-Brady

Russell Fillmore-Brady ’18

Jennifer Chung

Jennifer Chung '18

Carsten Haas

Carsten Haas '18

Andrea Kvietok

Andrea Kvietok '18

caroline peters

Caroline Peters '18

St. Paul, Minn. – Five Macalester seniors from the class of 2018 have received Fulbright scholarships. Russell Fillmore-Brady and Carsten Haas both received an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Fulbright to Germany, Jennifer Chung received an English Teaching Assistant Fulbright to Brazil, Andrea Kvietok received a Research Fulbright Grant to Senegal, and Caroline Peters received an English Teaching Assistant Fulbright to Colombia.

Russell Fillmore-Brady ’18, a History major and German Studies minor from Evanston Ill., received an English Teaching Assistant Fulbright to Germany. “I’ll be combining my passion for teaching and love of Germany by teaching English for a year in a German school,” Fillmore-Brady said. “I see this as an exciting opportunity to grow as an educator and I hope I can leave a positive impact on my students.” In addition to teaching, Fillmore-Brady hopes to continue building an understanding of the multiplicity of imagined identities in Germany, and how these are engaged in school. After his Fulbright, he might spend some time outside the classroom, involving himself in community organizing or other advocacy networks. Eventually, he wants to teach. “I’d love to end up as a high school history teacher.”

Jennifer Chung ’18, an Economics major and Geography minor from Brooklyn, N.Y., received an English Teaching Assistant Fulbright to Brazil.
Chung will be co-teaching English classes at a public university in Brazil for nine months where she will lead language and cultural learning activities to promote U.S. culture. When she’s not in the classroom, she’d like to engage with the local community by volunteering and teaching at local youth centers. “This Fulbright will allow me to return to Brazil after studying abroad there and re-immerse myself into Brazilian culture and connect with a new community,” Chung said. What does she hope to learn while in Brazil? “Brazil is a staggeringly diverse country and I would love to explore the various facets of the Brazilian experience and facilitate greater access to education amongst historically underrepresented communities in Brazil. I also hope to learn more about the Asian-Brazilian experience and teach others about the spectrum of American experiences.” Once she finishes her Fulbright, Chung plans to return to New York City and work at a government agency. Eventually, she’d like to get a master’s degree in either urban planning or public policy and administration.

Carsten Haas ’18, a Linguistics and German Studies double major with a minor in Computer Science from Dearborn, Mich., received an English Teaching Assistant Fulbright to Germany to teach English at a public school in Berlin. Haas will spend 10 months assisting German youth with language learning and better understanding of U.S. society. When not in the classroom, Haas plans to volunteer teaching English to recent immigrants and refugees in Germany. During his Fulbright Haas hopes to, “improve my German and learn about teaching in an unfamiliar environment.” After completing his Fulbright, he plans to apply to doctorate programs in German Studies.

Andrea Kvietok ’18, an Anthropology major and French minor with an African Studies concentration originally from Lima, Peru, received a Research Fulbright Grant to Senegal. Kvietok will spend 10 months in Dakar seeking to understand why West African migrants who have left Senegal are returning, a project she began while on study away. “By utilizing ethnographic interviewing, a methodology that focuses on learning the cultural knowledge that people use to navigate their social worlds, I will be able to get at the fine nuances of what prompts people to migrate,” said Kvietok. In addition to her research, she will also be interning at a migration-related non-governmental organization in Dakar – the Welcoming Point for Refugees and Immigrants (PARI). During her Fulbright, she wants to use her findings to begin thinking about cross-cultural migration studies. “Migration, in all of its various iterations, constitutes an integral aspect of my family history and personal life,” she said. “My Slovak and Peruvian immigrant grandparents engaged in international and rural-urban migration to provide better livelihoods for their children. My parents and sister embarked in regional and transnational crossings to pursue their academic and professional goals. I want to explore questions such as: In what way does Senegalese transnational migration compare/differ to Peruvian transnational migration?” When she finishes her Fulbright and returns to the United States, she hopes to pursue a doctorate in Anthropology with a specific focus on migration studies. “Eventually, I would like to utilize and share my research with government institutions and non-governmental organizations in order to better inform migration-related policy-making practices.”

Caroline Peters ’18, a Spanish major, Geography minor, with a concentration in Community and Global Health from Weston Mass., received an English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Fulbright to Colombia. Specifically, she will be an ETA at the Universidad Santo Tomás in Tunja, Colombia, a city of about 200,000. Peters sees the Fulbright as an amazing complement to her Macalester education and an opportunity to continue learning about a place and issues that are very recent, relevant, and interesting to her. During her time in Colombia, she hopes to be able to gain a new perspective on English language learning. “Though I’ve had some experience teaching Spanish to English speakers,” she said, “I’ve never taught English to Spanish speakers. In my previous experiences abroad, the objective was always to improve my Spanish and I did that by speaking as little English as possible. While that is still a goal of mine and something I will work towards outside of my time teaching, I have to keep in mind that the purpose of the grant is to teach English. I look forward to being on the other side of what I’ve been used to as a student and as a language learner, and transition into the role of a teacher.” She plans to focus on the year ahead, using her time in Colombia to explore other career options and think about what kind of path she wants to pursue in the future.

May 3 2018

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