This fall, we’re welcoming the Class of 2022 into the Mac community. The 624 students come to 1600 Grand from near and (very) far: 22 already call St. Paul home, while many traveled thousands of miles to campus. (The farthest hometown? 10,062 miles away, in Vacoas, Mauritius.) As the students settle into the residence halls, they’ll begin to understand and learn from the wide range of backgrounds and perspectives they represent collectively:

Numbers of languages spoken at home: 47

International student percentage: 15

First-generation student percentage: 16

Percentage of U.S. students that identify as students of color: 35

Number of states represented: 46 (plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam, and Northern Mariana Islands)

Top three states represented: Minnesota, California, and Wisconsin

Number of countries represented, by citizenship: 56

Top three countries represented, by citizenship (not including the U.S.): China, Canada, and Japan

Most common first names: Alex/Alexander and Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn

Most common surnames: Liu and Zhang

August 28 2018

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