Over spring break, students headed both east and west to participate in Macalester’s MacConnect trips, a program that flies select students to meet with alumni in a variety of fields. During the trips, students explore career paths and connect with alumni around the country to support their transition to life after Mac. The itineraries also offer a collaborative opportunity for alumni to share their expertise with current students.

In San Francisco, students met with mega tech companies (Facebook, Twitter, Google) and growing players (Airbnb and LinkedIn).  San Francisco is ground zero for the tech industry, and Mac alumni are everywhere.

In New York, one group of students met with Macalester alumni in Investment Banking and Finance at UBS, TD, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank—all in the heart of New York City. Another group made invaluable connections with alumni working in New York’s media and communications industry and visited alumni at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The New York Times, West Wing Writers, and Bloomberg News, among others.

During January of 2019, two additional groups of students traveled to Washington, D.C. to explore careers in Social Science Research and in Science and Policy.

April 1 2019

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