Program Board. Photo submitted by Nita Senesathith ’21

We asked students where they found their Mac families—and heres a sample of what we heard.

“My Mac family is Program Board. The passion for event planning connects us all in the first place, but we have grown into a family that means so much to each other. We went through countless ups and downs of event planning together and worked really hard together to organize the best possible events for the Macalester community.” —Nita Senesathith ’21

“The swim team has truly been my family during my time at Macalester. Spending so many hours working toward the same goal with a motivated group of people has given me strength in so many unexpected ways, and the chances to compete, travel, and live with my teammates have created bonds that I know will last for the rest of my life.” —Sam Dyer ’19

“The Sirens feels like my Mac family because singing with them is a wonderful escape from the stress of classes and other commitments. I would consider the Sirens to be a group of support, creativity, and some of my closest friends on campus. We not only make awesome music together, but we spend time together outside of rehearsals getting to know each other. I can confidently say it is one of my favorite communities I have been a part of at Mac.” —Greta Eherenman ’21

“The Macalester football team is a very driven and passionate group. The team truly cares about the entire Macalester experience from academics, athletics, service, and internationalism.” —Dean Smith ’20

“Though these family members range wide and far, they are friends that I have become close with due to my involvement on this campus. This would include my best friends that I made from conversations in Cafe Mac, extracurricular work in the Admissions Office, team spirit built from the club crew team, support network from programs, staff, and students involved with social justice work in the Department of Multicultural Life, collaboration with classmates in my classes, and last but not least, fellow residents from Turck 3.” —Brian Zou ’22

“I met my Mac family in my Orientation house and first-year course. They’re important to me because they have shaped my college experience, helped me come out of my shell more and they understand and support me no matter what.” —Krysta Limin ’22

“My Mac family is the women’s water polo team and my housemates. Both groups of amazing women are each other’s biggest supporters, in and out of the pool or in and out of our house. We care so much about each other and nothing makes one of us happier than seeing our ‘family’ member succeed. Mac would not be the same without these women.” —Oriana Galasso ’20

“My Mac family consists of my housemates, Orion and Jonah. Our house has been a place of respite after a long day of school or work. It always feel so nice to return home and see one of their goofy smiling faces. They truly make it a home.” —Andy Pham ’19

“My Mac family is my long-lost sister Isabella Light. We were born a day apart on opposite sides of the Atlantic, have the same Swedish/Mexican heritage, and go to Catholic mass together every weekend.” —Jenny Ibarra ’22

“As an international student, my host family helps me to form more bonds with Minnesota. Now Minnesota is my second home.” —Wenyang (Jessica) Ding ’22

April 16 2019

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