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Professor Abel with a vampire.Professor Abel with a vampire.

Vampires—from Monsters to Superheroes
Department: German Studies*
First-year Course

(* This course is designed for non-majors and requires no prior knowledge of vampirism or German.)

Professor Brigetta (Britt) Abel 

Why should I take this class? Because vampires are fascinating. Analyzing vampires is the perfect introduction to the liberal arts: close analysis reveals the changing undercurrents of pop literature/film and shows how critical thinking helps us understand the world around us. Vampires have existed throughout human history as empty metaphors that we fill with whatever scares or disgusts or even delights us, so looking at the evolution of the vampire is a way of understanding how society’s fears and desires have changed over time. But also: because it’s fun! Get credit for a deep dive into vampire stories!

Selected texts and films:
Dracula by Bram Stoker (1897)
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht directed by Werner Herzog (1979)
Bit directed by Brad Michael Elmore (2019) 

The last two weeks of class are open for students to select texts they’d like to discuss.

Fun fact: Vampires are queer figures that defy binaries.

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September 15 2020

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